Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post 600 Beer Review!

On a roll today!

1) Alesmith - Decadence - 11% - English Old Ale - A bit of a comedown after what I havve been drinking. Kind of mild. Despite the ABV this might settle the stomach!

2) Nebraska Brewing - Fathead - Barleywine Aged in Whiskey Barrels - 10.8% Great more big beers. Thank god for the blizzard. Tasty but no where near the Gratitude. See you for New Years!

The storm did not allow me to get to work today. Metro North is pretty much shut down, So I get to review a few more.

3) Weyerbacher - Tiny 11.8% - Belgian Style Imperial Stout - Kind of like drinking a chocolate quad! Tasty, also makes me think of a chocolate banana split. Not necessarily an afternoon beer!

4) Sam Adams - Infinium- 10.3% Collaborative effort with Weihenstephan - Interesting beer style is Biere de Champagne which I guess is a relatively new style. Not sure is it is my type of style though!

5) Harpoon Brewing - Chocolate Stout - Nice Session beer - A little coconut taste to go with the chocolate. Well on the way to 700!


Russian River - Supplication - 7.0% - Picked for 600 based on the wants v. gots on BA. This is an American Wild ale aged in Oak Barrels with Cherries added. Wow is this sour. Upfront you get the sourness of green apples but then when the taste lingers some you really get the cherry taste. Not sure if I have this when I was at the brewery. Glad to have tried it although not me most favorite style. I really need to get a bottle of Pliny and i think I need to contact Capone's on this. As said to Supplication though, this is a very intense beer! On to 700!


Almost had an MC moment here as the bottle was wax sealed. Thankfully there is no more of that nonsense in inventory!

East End Brewing - Gratitude - 11.2% American Barleywine - Wow this is a sipper. I guess they release this every year on the breweries anniversary. Picked this up (like the others) at Capones as pasr of the Philly haul. This is all about caramel and fruit. Really get a plumb taste and then a bit of hoppines at the end for a nice balance.

Giant game at 4:00 is looking iffy considering the pace I am on. This is actually a very nice bottle. Might have to consider having a beer cave trophy space so to speak.


Hair of the Dog - Fred from the Wood - 10.0% - Fred is their barleywine. This is aged in Oak Barrels for 6 months and is pretty rare. This is a 2009 batch so it has some nice age on it. Very tasty the nose makes you think of a sour but the taste is pure barleywine goodness.

May have a couple of Barleywines as the snow may make a trip to Manhattan prohibitive tomorrow.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Russian River - Damnation - Belgian Pale Ale - Batch 58 - 7.5% - Very tasty. 599 and 600 are now officially being chilled!


Russian River - Consecration - 10.0% - Ale aged in Oak Barrels - Never thought I would have had beers from this brewer to review. Then I went to Philly and found Capone's. Actually have had this when I visited the brewery in 2009. Love the sourness, this is just enough. Wild Ale style.....yes it is!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas Beer Review

Can you say Christmas on the Internet? I'll probably get sued by Obama's FCC for net neutrality or something. Anyway came across a new (for me) acronymn....DONG...which stands for Draft Only No Growlers. You heard it here first folks.

1) Harpoon Leviathan Barleywine Style Ale - 10% - A bit thin, maybe a bit too hoppy. Didn't get that plum or raisin type taste.

Re-installed office today and my beer list tracker is now operational. Hopefully can begin the count down to 600 on Christmas eve or so.

3) Iron Hill - Russian Imperial Stout - 9.5% - Nice and creamy with a lot of chocolate and coffee taste. Can't wait to make another PA run!

Nice numbering scheme.

4) The Bruery - Three French Hens - Belgian Style Dark Ale 10% - Third (obviously) in the epic vertical series that these folks are doing. Had Two Turtle Dove's last year (did not cellar). Bought one of these for cellaring and one for drinking. Tasty, sweet, more sweet (sugar taste) than the plum, toffee sweetness I would have expected. Wonder what this might be like in 9 years (assuming I survive this hobby!)

5) Founders - Backwoods Bastard - 10.2% - Says it's a Scotch Ale. Aged in bourbon barrels. Don't get the real scotch ale taste here as this is lighter and I think I am detecting some vanilla here. This is beer 591. Would expect a countdown shortly.

6) Bells Brewery - 25th Anniversaty Ale - 8.5% - Nice American Strong Ale - Fruity beer (DADT!), extremely drinkable. Part of the Capones (Philly) haul!

7) Founders - Imperial Stout - 10.5% - I love Founders Beer and wish it would come to CT. I've had the Breakfast Stout. I've had Kentucky Breakfast stout and I've had Canadian Breakfast Stout. This might be the best of it's more famous cousins. Outstanding!

8) Green Flash - West Coast IPA 7.3% - Nice little hop bomb before Christmas Eve dinner.

9) Cavalry Brewing - Nomad Stout - About 5% or so. Smokey Session Stout. Glad to see more breweries in Connecticut. City Steam is also botteling!

Let the Countdown begin!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm back on-line beer review

With the help of Mr. B and a good computer repair place in Bridgeport I am good to go!

1) Harpoon - Leviathan Imperial IPA - 10% - Nice Amber color, slighly hoppy though not as much as I would have liked. Easily drinkable given the ABV.

Back to beer geekdom, went up to New England brewing for a Growler pour of Imperial Stout Trooper...great beer by the way. Their brewing schedule said they were going to ressurect their barley wine, Three Judges (named after a seedy motel nearby). I asked Matt if they were going to do this. Matt said asked Rob and I was treated to a debate as to what a barleywine should be. I was in heaven!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Weekend Beer Review continues

Had to put down one of my mother's cat's today, Ethel this beer is for you. On a happier note we will be coming in to a countdown to 600. Probaly right before Christmas will the momentous even occur. Have some real specialties for this!

1)The Duck Rabbit - Barleywine Ale - 11% - From North Carolina - One hell of a beer. Get the pear and molasses taste. Alcohol is well hidden but you certainly can't chug these. Part of the Philly (Capone's) haul that has turned out to be outstanding! This brewery has a great logo. I will be ordering a t-shirt and pint glass shortly.

2) Full Sail - Session Lager 5.1% - Crisp Clear & refreshing. This is the type of beer that you would want to give to a non-craft drinker. This is a go to beer, easily.

3) Bells Brewing - Expedition Stout - 10.5% - The Boys at BA say not worthy. Everyone else likes it. A beer Feud? I will say this.....potent!

4) Dogfish Head - My Antonia - Imperoal Pilsner - 7.5% - Nice lemon grass taste. Highly carbonated, nice hoppy finish. Nice drinkability despite the ABV.

5) Weyerbacher - November -7.7% - Coffe Infused brown ale. Brewery only release that I was able to get fro Capones. Mice beer, a little thin to support the coffee/chocolate flavor.

6) Full Sail - Black Session Lager - 5.4% - Just a little more malty than its cousin above. Again, a go to beer.

7) Iron Hill - Tripel - Good night!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Wanted to show an update from the WTC site for a while. The first photo is the new Freedom tower. The last photo shows the foot print of the South Tower.

Weekend Beer review!

1) RJ Rocker - Black Perle - Dark IPA - 9.5% ABV - Not sure how this brewer got in to CT from South Carolina none the less, but this is a very enjoyable beer. The Chocolate malts really go with the hops. This is well done!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday Beer Review!

Had to stay home for a number of appointments. Took advantage of a nice camera deal (Thanks MC for the recommendation).

1) Flying Fish - Hop Fish IPA - 6.3% - Very tasty English Style IPA - This could be a serious go to type beer! Too bad we can't get it in Connecticut.

2) Uinta - Labbyrinth - Black Ale - 13.2% - Third of the crooked line series that I've reviewed. Obviously a big beer and then some. Aged in oak barrels and brewed with licorice! Jet black, have a little spiciness from the licorice, chocolate & vanilla abound. I really like the Crooked Line Series!

3) Defiant Christmas Ale - 7.5% - Nice Belgian Strong Ale. See you next weekend!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

Figured I'd start a new thread...

1) Brooklyn Brewery - Cuvee Noire - 8.7% - Latest in the Brewmasters reserve series, via Growler from Deciccos. More like a porter to me don't really get the spiciness I would expect. Still a nice drinker!

2) Flying Fish Extra Pale Ale - Nice and dry, but no.

3) New England Brewing Zapata Bot - 8% - Got this on Saturday at Nebco. Bottle 29 out of 713. Have been waiting to try this since the release of Ghandi Bot and after hearing what the guys intended on doing and the tribulations they went through to get a serviceable tequila barrel. Appearance - Murky orange color, bit of a thin head.
Taste - Wow you get the floral hops up front and then a nice peppery taste followed by a bit of a boozy finish (ahh the tequila). Mouth feel - Sweet and bitter the hops and the tequila really balance out. Drinkability - Very easy...maybe too much so. Matt had mentioned that this was about 8%. Definitely a fun beer to try. Very tasty and out of the ordinary. Think I am going to age my other bottle for a bit.

4) Stone Brewing - Lucky Bastard - 9.2% - Strong Ale - And then some...A dry hopped version of Arrogant Bastard, Oaked Arrogant Bastard & Double Bastard...great just what I needed. Next they will age this in Bourbon barrels just to add insult to injury!

5) Sebago Brewing . Full throttle - DIPA - 8.something % - Nice IPA a little malty for me.

6) Flying fish - Grand Cru - Winter Reserve - 7.2% Nice Belgian Ale, I Think. Maybe a bit much though.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Beer Review!

Starting early, will be going all week. I play three times a day at the Copa!

1) Bells Brewery - Hell Hath no Fury - 7.5% - Nice belgian strong ale (almost a stout like in a way but then the yeast kicks in). Looking forward to some more from this brewery.

2) Bells Brewery Java Stout 7.5% - Kind of a weird beer - I get the coffee which is intense but am not sure about the tartness. Oh well such is the fate of a craft brew traveller!

3) Left Hand Brewing Snowbound Ale aka XXXmas Ale - 8.6% - Nice Winter Warmer to start thanksgiving day after a nice walk, clove cinnamon and coriander dominate - Growler via Whole Foods Bowery.

4) Cigar City Brewing - Cedar Aged Jai Alai IPA - 7.5% - Spicey IPA, kind of weird is that what Cedar tastes like? Interesting.

5) Green Flash - Le freak - 9.2% - Belgian Trippel and imerial Pale Ale - Man that is a combo. Pretty much works, get the hoppiness vs. the yeast. Nice.

6) Duvel - Tripel Hop - 9.5% - Kind of into these hoppy belgians today. A bit (much) pricey. Glad to have tried this though.

7)Sebago Brewing - Hell Awaits - Imperial Porter - Not sure of the ABV, but this is very tasty. Great malt & chocolate. Can get the alcohol hotness so who knows!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Weekend Beer review!

Gonna start with one from the epic Philly suburb beer haul!

1) Great Lakes Brewing Co - Commodore Perry - 7.5% - Enjoy by date 12.26.10 - This beer is very good. There are going to be some very interesting ones from this haul. But this is a good one to start off with. A nice marriage between an east and west coast IPA..well done!

Not from Philly....

2) Shmaltz Brewing - He' Brew - Origin - Pomegranate Ale - 8.0% Don't know what a Pomegranate tastes like but I like the tartness with a bit of a boozy end.

3) Cigar City - Sea Bass - Farmhouse Ale - No ABV - I'm starting I think to see the appeal of these Farmhouse Ale's. Nicely tart and sweet. Very easy drinking.

$) Ithaca Brute - Sour! As can be told by the numbering scheme this beer was had at an inopurtune time. If you like a sour taste...go for it!

5) Smuttynose - Farmhouse Ale - 9% - Juxtaposition between this and the Cigar City offering is telling. Not as tarty not as drinkable give the ABV. Enjoy the orangey, bready taste to this. Smuttynose rules.

6) Nebraska Brewing - Black Betty - 9.0 Brting on the whiskey! Guess which was the last beer of the weekend!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Midweek Beer Review!

Encompassing Tues, Wednes...oh well!

1) Sam Adams - White Ale...this might be the Sam Adams review...very light and lemony. You could dring this all day. Have a field trip to Boston planned in January...may make a pilgramage!

2) Some more Sam - Winter Lager - About 5% - Roasted maltiness, spicy...really like this (What I really like is buying a 12 pack that gives me 6 beers closer to 600). Anyway this was 555 assuming my spreadsheet is accurate. I have 28 not yet reviewed in house.

3) Even Some more Sam - Old Fezziwig - 5.9% - Might be may favorite SA brew, Spicey and malty with a little more of a cinnamon/lemon (hops I guess) kick at the end. What distinguishes it from the Winter Lager is the chocolate undertones. Very enjoyable!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Epic Beer Journey day

Hit the Philly suburbs today, Norristown & Media, PA. Hit Capones and Pinnochio's. Pennsylvania has some weird beer laws and these places are knows and bottle shops. Apparently you can sells by the bottle if you have some sort of food license otherwise you have to sell by the case. Sounds like some bureaucratic luncay to me. Anyway picked up some gems which will be reviewed in due course....will start with one now

1) Flying Fish - Exit 4 9.7% - I guess they have a series of beers named after the NJ Turnpike exits. This is supposed to be a trippel but it is way too hoppy for that. That said I like it! Very tasty even if I don't know what it is supposed to be. Bought in a very cool looking growler!

2) Sam Adams - Chocolate Bock -5.6%- From the Winter Sampler - Decent, might be a bit thin and a little sweet but a very drinkable beer.

3) Gonna stick with the Sam Adams for a bit more - Holiday Porter 5.8% - Very tasty...I hate to think that I held it against Sam Adams that they are from Boston!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Beer Review

Countdown to an epic beer journey....

1) Bluepoint Toxic Sludge - Black IPA - Had this at a cask event in NYC was surprised to be able to find a bottle in CT! Appearance...Nice almost jet black color...medium head. This smells more than like a stout so what's next. Tastes..smokey, malty just with a slight hops bite. Is this really an IPA? Very happy with this beer. Could drink it all night. I do have to say this seems more like an extra hoppy stout to me but enjoyable none the less!

2) Sam Adams - Boston Lager - 4.75% - Bought one of those Winter variety packs so I can get a few more closer to 600. Very solid beer one of the grand daddy's. Woody maltiness. Can't wait to go through this 12 pack.

3) Sierra Nevada - 30th Anniversary Grand Cru - 9.2% - I don't think this has been added to Beer Advocate yet and I certanly don't have the chops to do it. This is a marriage of Oak aged Big Foot, Celebration and Pale Ale. This is very good. The malts of the Big Foot are really offset by the Celebration/Pale Ale hops. I think I get the concept of a Grand Cru now. Going to throw a few more in the cellar and will crack one when my niece or nephew is born (Feb 11)

4) 21'st Ammendment - Fireside Chat - Winter Warmer - 7.9% - Spicey and sour not sure what this is!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekend Beer Review!

1) Uinta - Cockeyed Cooper - Bourbon Barrel Aged Barley Wine - 11.0% - Is a Barleywine aged in bourbon barrels necessary, Apparently so! Very tasty this one will knock you out!

We temporarily interrupt this beer review for the Brazen Head's Cask Ale Festival!

Back, hopefully MC is too. he took some great photos as always...look for them.

2) - Full Sail - Wreck the Halls - Hoppy Holiday Ale 6.5% - Ok a bit bitter for my taste....will tough it out though!

3) The Bruery - Autumn Maple - 10% - Belgian Strong Dark Ale - Man I think they put in everything plus the kitchen sink, molasses, spices & yams! The molasses taste dominates, very tasty, may get another bottle for Thanksgiving to have with mincemeat or pumpkin pie.

4) Pretty Things - Once upon a time - KK - 7.8% - I've had their beers before. What they are trying to do (according to them) is recreate beers from the past. I guess somone does some research and away they go. Link is directly to this beer. This is a very dark beer, the malt and chocolate are becked up by a nice dry bitter hops. Very interesting. Seems like this is a series. Looking forward to more!

5) Southern Tier pumking - 9.0% - a nutmeg bomb....very tasty.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day Beer Review!

Hopefully Pelosi was successfully retired, we'll see about the Senate. I like a gridlocked government that way these retards can't do any damage!

1) Mendocino - Imperial Barleywine - 11.0% = I like this a lot...very boozy, sweet, caramel, apples etc. Go to remember where I bought this and buy a few more to age!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Just got this one in (in October that is)

1) Paulaner - Wiesn Bier - 6% - Brewed for the 200th Munich Oktoberfest. A 1 liter can with a matching mug. Pretty tasty but just a bit lite. The mug is outstanding!

2) Hacker-Pschorr - Original Oktoberfest - Better than the offering above. Nicely sweet. Well done! I might be singing "Goose Step Mama" pretty soon (only Adam will get that reference.

3) Sierra Nevada - Kellerweis - Haven't had this before, get the nice clove and banana taste. This would be great in the summer!

4) Brooklyn - Post Road Pumpkin - bit of a dissapointment here. Not mnuch going on in the body or flavor.

5) Stone Brewing - Vertical Epic 10.10.10 - Nice Tripel and the grape flavors really come out. 2 more years to go and I can do a 9, 10, 11 and 12!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pre Election Beer Review!

Hopefully it is a good one, the election that is, my reviews are always superb....maybe in the beginning!

1) Cigar City - Jai Alai - IPA 7.5% - Nice American IPA - Hoppines is to muted for me though. The West Coast ones seem much better.

2) Smuttynose - Really Old Brown Dog Ale - old Ale 10% - Anyone who brews a beer in honor of their old dog is ok in my books. I believe I had this on tap at the Tiger. A little thin but really get the plum and raisin flavor. ABV not at all hidden. Might get one for the cellar!

3) Smuttynose - S'muttonator - Double Bock - 8.5% - Continuing on in the Smuttynose vain...Great Brewery...comes another big one..really get a caramel taste in this one. I really need to inventory what I haven't yet had from Smuttynose.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Let's get America back beer review!

1) Uinta - Detour DIPA - Picked this up whilst in New York State. Nice orange color...nice head, carbonation no issue. Wow grapefruit and other citrus ready to go in for the dive! Smooth, sharp and a very sweet finish. Very good beer, have had Uinta's barleywine before but not this series. Will have more coming. Well done.

2) Coney Island Geektoberfest - Growler from Decicco's.... Also had this on tap at the Spring Street lounge. Interesting beer the sours from the Captain Lawrence offering really come through (you can always tell the Captain Lawrence trademark taste). The finish is definitely the brown ale (Ithaca) not sure where the Coney Island piece fits in to this but that is ok. I like this and would definitely buy again. Would like to know the ABV though because it does seem to be a sipper!

3) Nogne - Sunturnbrew - 11% - Smoked barleywine brewed annually for the winter solstice. Guess this is last years verion. Like the smokiness with the malty dates & plums taste.

4) Sierra Nevada Estate - Home Grown Wet Hop 6.7% - I swore I would never deal with a bottle that was wax sealed...but this was certainly worth it. I used methods top open this that would have made MC nervous! Nice orange color full head. Getting the hops.... Nice citrus flavor, grapefruit, tangerine no piney bitterness. Medium carbonation, smooth. SN comes through again, a little more than the Pale Ale a litlle less than the Torpedo. These guys have has a great 30th Anniversary!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

We interrupt this beer review!

I am surprised MC missed this!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekend Beer Review!

Waiting for this one....

1) Founders - Harvest Ale (Wet Hop) 6.5% - Listed as an American Pale Ale...not like SN...much hoppier. to me bordering on an American IPA. Great first beer of a hopefully extended weekend after quarter end.

2) Rogue 21 - Old Ale - 8% - OK stupid picture on the front with (I guess) the owner wearing a t-shirt that says..."Somehwhere in texas a village is missing its idiot"...well hopefully the missing village idiot from Kenya will go back soon! Fruity, plum and grape mostly...don't even detect the hops...overall though enjoyable!

3) Oskar Blues - Old Double Bagger - Barleywine 13.2% - Growler from Whole Foods...ruddy brown color, very high test...sippable!

4) White Birch Belgian Style Pale Ale - 8.5% - Wow, this really gets crushed on BA. Kind of light no real body to it. Would most likely pass on having this again.

5) Clown Shoes Eagle Claw Fist - Imperial Amber Ale - 8.0% - Now back to some taste....I like these amber ales withe the nice hops malt balance...well done!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Almost after Quarter End Beer Review

With the worst behind me....!

1) Harpoon Single Hop ESB - 5.8% - Growler from Whole Foods Tribeca - I thought ESB stood for Early Spring Beer but apparently I think it stands for Extra Strong Bitter...Anyway nice beer to begin the weekend!

2) Cisco Brewers - Baggywrinkle Barleywine 9.0% - I like this more than some of my BA compatriots. Orange and Coriander and I like the hops bite. Very good.

3) White Birch - Bohemian Edition Tripel - No Alfred not John Birch...Anyway...nice ok Tripel. 10.8% is a bit scary though.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Q3 10 Beer review!

Right to it...will be at it off and on all weekend!

1) Cricket Hill - Hopnotica - Very nice and mild English IPA....could drink this for a while!

2) Lagunitas - Lucky 13 - Red Ale - 8.56% - Lagunitas is one of my favorite breweries....always a solid exception here....I love the sweet nose balanced out with the hops bitterness.

3) Lagunitas - Little Sumpin Wild - Belgian Strong Pale Ale - 8.9% - Fermented with that Westmalle Yeast Strain...Hell Ice making is complicated for me....not going to get into the mix of hops/yeast but this is very tasty. The balance to me is peach. Lagunitas does it again!

4) Terrapin - Rye Squared - Still have some beers leftover from the Oak Tree haul in July....gonna have to remedy that! Says this is 9.5% wow...don't know where they are hiding that and it is also an American IPA, not a Double...hazy orange presentation and sneaky mild! I need to take another Jersey run after quarter end.

5) Brasserie Grain d' Orge - Belzebuth - 13% - Belgian Strong Ale - might have been aged a bit gotta see how this sits for a while. More orangey than anything else. Might really need to try another.

6) Sam Adams New World Triple.....End of day...Great Beer though

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

Starting early let's get right to it. Should be a good week for beer with NY Craft Beer Week starting on Friday. Also can't forget San Gennaro.

1) Kuhnhenn - Mayhem ABV ? - Ugly looking brown but tasty - A Belgian strong ale...not sure of the ABV. More like a hard cider. Have run in to a couple of opinions on this beer but worth a try.

2) Shipyard Brewing - Smashed Pumpkin 9.0% - Nice and spicey, clove really does dominate. Not sure where the booze is!

3) Ommegang - Cup O' Kyndnes - 6.6% - Berlgian Scotch Ale - What's this....A toned downed malted version of a Scotch Ale with spices? Works for me!

4) Summit - India Style Rye Ale - Very tasty might be the best beer of the day!

Various Houston Photos

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Houston Beer Review

Was able to find some gems in the city of Houston but be warned. There is really very little to do in downtown. The source of the beers reviewed in Spec's (no not the vulgar mexican term). Spec's is a very good beer store and I got a good amount of regional/local stuff to quench my thirst. The other place is the Flying Saucer. Thank god for that place. Within a day I was being called by my first name there. Very similar to the Gingerman (which I didn't get to as the Saucer was within easy walking distance of the hotel. I joined the Saucer's Fan Club & I have an official shirt to wear at this weekend's craft beer fest in NYC. Hopefully no more bridges burn.

1) Boulevard Brewing - Double Wide IPA - Hey are they talking about (gotta stop nothing good can come of where this may go. 8.5% Very strong, pungent IPA. Maybe a bit too strong. A better offering follows.

2) Boulevard Brewing - Sixth Glass Quad...10.5% very solid homage to the style. The BA guys even put this over Ommegang's Three Philosophers!

3) Saint Arnold's - Fancy Lawnmower - 4.9% - Says it is a Kolsch, I thought it was a lager (It reminded me of Elm City). Anyway very drinkable and light. Should have done the brewery tour.

4) Real Ale Brewing - Barleywine 11.5% - It looks like these guys like to brew big beers. This was a 2009 version so it had occasion to mellow. Very similar to a Bigfoot...enjoyable!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vacation Beer Review

Going to start off slowly.....

1) Abita - SOS - 7% - A charitable Pilsner...I guess some money is going towards the gulf clean up. I'll drint to that. This is a very crisp and clean Pilsner. This should be a standard release.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

1) Widmer Brothers - Cherry Oak Dopplebock - 9.0% - Dated September 2009 so my guess is that this beer has had some time to calm down. This tastes more like a Quad to me and that is a good thing. Big on the raisins and cherries. Alchohol is well hidden. Good way to start the weekend.

2) Founders Brewing - Breakfast Stout - 8.3% - Nice jet black - No head. Chocolate in the nose but the taste is coffee+. Nice little sipper. Glad to have a hearty stout on opening NFL weekend!

3) New Holland Brewing - Mad Hatter IPA - 5.25% - Very solid American IPA. well balanced.

Brooklyn Pub Crawl

After going to Ground Zero to pay my respects, I decided to take a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and hit the Brazen Head. I then decided to go over to Bar Great Harry which is a short distance away. That place was a very pleasant whole in the wall. Anyway I had a nice Pretty Things Belgian on tap at the Brazen Head and a Sierra 30th Barlewyine at Bar Great Harry. The Carroll Gardens area of Brooklyn is nicely quirky. I didn't hit all of the places listed (Just the two linked as well as the Peoples Republic of Brooklyn). There were quite a few options though as can be seen. The Gator needs to go here!

Rising from the ashes

From yesterday....I guess this is the beginning of the new Freedom Tower. It's nice to see something being built there. Apparently they have the footprint of the two towers encased in cement for the planned pools but I had no vantage point to see.

Friday, September 3, 2010

And the insanity continues

Betcha I get to 600 quicker than A-Rod did!

1 Rogue - Double Chocolate Stout - 8.0% Jet black, very nice lacing...Wow this is not the chocolate milk I grew up with. The chocolate smell is abundant. Not as sweet as the smell might suggest. The hops really do balance out the sweet smell. A little more carbonated than I would have thought as there is not much of a head. Definitely a sipper.

Overall I enjoyed this. Going to get a couple or so to stick in the cellar.

2) Brooklyn Brewery - Detonation DIPA - 10.2% Have had this on tap at several bars in Manhattan over the past few days, finally picked up a growler at Decicco's in Ardsley. Poured into a Sam Adams Perfect Pint glass. Nice amber color.Smell kind of piney can also get the malts this will be nicely balanced. Nice hoppy taste again more of a piney flavor than citrus. Malts really come through, this is very British. Very nice carbonation. This is where the good folks at BB really nail this. Couldn't guess this was 10.2% if I wanted to!

3) Sierra Nevada/ Decicco's Ghidorrah - 8.2% ... Picked up a growler at Decicco's of course. I give them credit that they had this and Brooklyn's Detonation going on at the same time. Anyway since I am a hophead, I win! Pours a nice golden color, medium head. Smell - Mild citrus. The taste belies the nose as I get lemons, pineapple and grapefruit. My type of beer. Drinkability - At 8.2% will have a few more pints today!

Overall really enjoyed this beer. I have been going to Deccico's for well over a year from beer deprived Connecticut. Will continue to do so!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


De Struise Brouwers - Black Albert - Belgian Royal Stout - 13.0% - Got this as part of the July Oaktree haul and its been in the fridge for a special occasion. I wish it was called Black Alfred but no such luck.

After drinking 499 I am glad I had this one tagged for 500. No bourbon, chocolate or coffee....straight up beer with a lot of well hidden alcohol. Have a bottle to age and may let it set for a while.

Anyway stocked pretty well to begin the trek for 600!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Port Brewing - Older Viscosity - 12.0 % Aged in Oak Barrels - Poured in to a snifter...
Appearance - Jet black thin head...

Smell - Great to the nose...rum, chocolate, raisins, vanilla & caramel. Man there is a lot here!

Taste - Very good...interesting thing is that the booze is prevalent in the smell, it is not that pronounced in the taste.

Drinkability - At 12.0%...Good by me!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Beer 498

400 was the brandy barrel version of this beer. This is the Bourbon barrel version. Great beer. I really did not plan to drink beer tonight but was tempted by Brooklyn Detonation at Amity Hall and a 2006 Bigfoot at the Tiger. The very attractive bar tender at the Tiger compilented me on my choice!

498 - Lost Abbey Angel's Share Bourbon Barrel Aged....12.5%

Appearance a very nice nut brown. No carbonation at all, Smell -
Alcohol and caramel...why am I drinking this in the summer!
Drinkability - Can only do one of these a night.

Not sure where all the carbonation issues arise with these guys. Not sure if I would like this fizzy! That said I am happy to do the three hour round trip to Mass to get Lost Abbey/Port Brewing beers. Very good!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Ketel One Lounge

Tha last one was actually out in the concourse but getting the 27 Yanks in the picture is always worthwhile.

Yet some more of the Evil Empire

More Yanks

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yankees game

From the high rent district!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

Figured I'd start early as I was pretty pathetic last week. By the way am seriously considering going to this eventwhich would be concurrent to NY Craft Beer Week. Nothing good can come of this.

1) Two Brothers - Hop Juice 9.9% - I love double IPA's and this is very good. More of an east coast IPA as the hops are more bitter than citrus. May follow up with another but then...maybe not.

Follwed up with...

2) Coronado Brewing - Idiot IPA 8.0% Nice too much sediment in the glass for me! Gotta like the name though!

3) Rogue - Captain Sigs Northwestern Ale - American Amber/Red - 6.2% - I think this has something to do with that TV series deadliest catch. Anyway nice and malty up fron with a bit of a (too) bitter finish. Glad I tried this though. This is beer 493.

4) Brasserie de Rochefort - Rochefort 8 - 9.2% - Belgain Stong Ale - I haven't had an authentic belgian in a while and it is time tou get back to basics. Outstanding sweetness with spice. World class (like I'm breaking news here).

Alert!!!! a Dick Blumenthal troll just knocked on my door. He was dispatched with much rudeness!

5) Southampton - Grand Cru - 9.8% - Was going to toast MC's birthday today with this on facebook but he won't let you write on his wall. That's ok I will do it here. Very good american belgain offering. I has almost a champagne texture...grape taste does dominate. Almost like a wine. Beer 495.

6) River Horse - Hop Hazard - 6.5% - American Pale Ale...ain't nothin pale here. Sierra Nevada pale ale on steroids! Very tasty!

7) Terrapin - Rye Pale Ale - 5.3% another very solid beer. Beer 497.....may begin the countdown!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Stupid NY School Aide's Tricks

Via the New York Post...These are classics. A recommendation for future jobs follows.

1) For the individual who wanted to take days off with the explanation that her mother had died (while her mother was still alive)....No comment.

2) For the individual who "submitted a medical note with a co-worker's name crossed out and her own name scribbled in".... Chairperson of the House Ways and Means Committee or Speaker of the House.

3)For the individual who "suffered a medical-scam snafu when she left a blank Mount Sinai Hospital doctor's note sitting on a copy machine shared by school staffers. After school supervisors and investigators matched the blank note to Lebron's file of medical excuses, they identified eight fakes over a two-year period"...An appointment to the Joe Biden school of intellectual property!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Birthday Weekend Beer Review!

Went on a growler filling bonanza today. I have already reviewed two of these (Southern Tier 2x IPA and New England Brewing Ghandi Bot. It is going to be a hoppy weekend!

1) Speakasy - Betrayal - 9.2% - American Red Ale - 32 oz Growler fill from Decicco's. Nice way to start the Hops explosion! Balanced and tasty. The sweetness really complements the Piny Hops! By the way this is number 490 reviewed!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bobby Thomson Beer review

RIP to a man who hit one of the most famous home runs in baseball history passed today. Here's one to him.

1) Ommegang Abbey Ale 8.5% - I have no record have reviewing this so it's fair game. Great dubbel maybe the first craft beer I had before I really appreciated the style. Like the candied malts and the very dry finish. Great dubbel to a great home run!

2) Cascade Brewing - The Vine - Northwest style sour ale - 8.33% - Nice sour aged in Oak barrels and brewed with grapes. I can go back and forth on these sour ales but I like the way the countdown to 500 commences next!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stop the Mosque Beer Review

Here via Powerline. Waiting for the You Tube Video of the planes hitting the towers while the Apostate in Chief gives a religious lecture.

1) Terrapin - Hop Karma Brown IPA - 6% - Nice meld of brown Ale and IPA very balanced have been very impressed with the beers from this brewer.

2) Dick's Grand Cru - 10% Belgian Style Abbey Ale - Another Grand Cru foray still don't think I've had the same Grand Cru twice. Anyway, very good. Nice fruity taste. Alcohol is sneaky!

News alert!

Very close to having the requisite numbers of beers in house where I can begin a countdown to 500 reviewed. Thanks to MC I identified a beer that I reviewed but forgot to track! Kind of like Hack Wilson getting an RBI 50 years later. But I will state no performing enhancing drugs were used to achieve this record!

3) Sierra Nevada - Tumbler - Very good. Not much of a malty guy but this is what it is!

4) Sierra Nevada - 30th Anniversary Jack & Ken's Ale - Barleywine - 10.2% Pours a nice brown very nice carbonation. Starts off very nice and sweet midway through the chocolate flavors really come through which at least for me is interesting the finish is some nice hop presence. As stated nicely carbonated a little grainy as well. This is definitely a sipper. This warms very well and you can sit for a while with this beer

5) Vicory Brewing - St. Victorious - Dopplebock - 8.5% got a lot of caramel and Toffee going on here. Nice to have a new Victory brew!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Atom Bomb Beer review!

No not Adam bombed MC provides some good thoughts and my final take on the Obama birther nonsense is this....his body may have been born in America but his mind and beliefs weren't.

1) Sixpoint Old Krusher - Barleywine 10.4% - This is very do have to admire a bunch of psychos who release a barleywine in the summer! Growler fill via Decicco's

2) 21st Amendment - Back in Black IPA...too watery!

3) Sixpoint Signal - Released in July and this was the second growler from Decicco's. Very crisp light and refreshing. Not sure of the style though.

4) Boaks Monster Mash - 10% RIS - Say this has a lot of hops. Not sure where they are but this is a nice beer. Chocolate and malts dominate as would be expected. This was part of the Oak Tree haul which will be slowly whittled down!

5) Boaks Double BW - Too lemony!

6) New Holland - Envious 7.5% - Beer brewed with pears and rasberries. Too weird!

7) Dogfish Head - Bitches Brew - 9.0% - Brewed in honor of Miles Davis's album. Never heard the album and not that interested in it but this is a very good beer. Nice smooth stout...I guess that is what the music is supposed to symbolize.

8)Rogue - St. Rogue Red Ale - 5.1% Dry hopped. Interesting balance with the hops and malts. Malty nose but the hops jump at the taste.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gathering of the Vibes Beer Review!

Heading down in a moment figured I'd have some fortification. Hopefully with run into the Gatorsaurus Rex...but if he's twirling I'm leaving!

1)North Coast Brewing Old Rasputin XXII - 11.2%...A stout aged in bourbon barrels how novel! Seriously though silky smooth great coffee and bourbon taste. Hey that's Adams breakfast!

2) Terrapin Gamma Ray - Wheat Wine brewed with honey. 11%...very...very sweet!

3) Saison du Buff - Stone/Victory/Dogfish - 6.8% - Brewed with Parsley, Sage Rosemary & Time. Interesting beer the spices noted above mix very well with the lemony hops. Quite enjoyable!

4) Laughing Dog - CSB - Extra Special Bitter...Kind of a weird brew. This is going to take a while to get down. By the way CSB stands for crotch sniffing bastard and the label reads "How Dogs Say Hello" in case you were wondering.

5) Bear Republic- Tribute Ale - Pete Brown - 6.3% I guess Pete was a sales manager for Bear who paased away in 2002. Damn fitting tribute. Here's to you Pete!

6) Cricket Hill - Nice porter not sure where the bourbon is. A little watery although tasty none the less!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Beer Review - Bonus Edition

Took Monday off Hooray!

1) Weyerbacher - Verboten - Very good Belgian Pale Ale. Beginning to really like this style. Think this was previously named Zotten.

2) Founders Brewing - Cerise - 6.5% - A tart cherry ale. Kind of like a beer wine cooler. Not bad although I glad I only bough a single bottle rather than a 4 pack.

3) Cricket Hill Reserve - English Barleywine 8.0% - Nice malty & mild.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

Starting early.....little road trip tomorrow!

1) Abita 8% - Doesn't really have that spiciness that one would associate it a bock but this is very good. Alchohol masked very nicely!

2) The Lost Abbey - Inferno Ale - 8.5% - Strong Belgian Ale - Wow outstanding!

Went to Oaktree Wine and Spirits in South Plainfield New Jersey. Outstanding store and Outstanding Service. They will have fueled the weekend beer review for at least several more weeks!

3) Sebago Brewing - Milestone Ale - Amercian Strong Ale - 9.2% - Wow different this is like a hoppy scotch ale. This is a different brew and is obviously the one to have whilst beginning a little beer walk in 100 degree heat!

4) Allagash Tripel - 9.0% - The Gator was right...this is a great bear. Think I've had the Tripel Reserve (not yet reviewed)....oh Well!

5) Alesmith Grand Cru - 10.0% - Best beer of the day hands down. I can't get over what I think is the distinct grape flavor here.

6) Pretty Things - American Darling - Good Time Lager 7.0% - Was going to say I found the perfect session beer but I may need to rethink that based on the ABV. Crisp, clean refreshing. A pleasure to drink!

7) The Lost Abbey - Devotion Ale - 6.25% - Belgian Pale Ale - Very nice Lost Abbey offering...great pre noon beer. Time to go cook out! (Well might sneak in another!)
This was beer number 460 on my list. I need to do some serious travelling to get to 500!

8) Fouders Brewing - Devil Dancer - Triple IPA 12.0% Wow I need a nap! This like a Dogfish 105! I may banish one of these to the cellar to calm down!

9) Terrapin Hopsecutioner - IPA - I think I've gone past Adam depth. Great beer. Hops rule!

10) Harpoon IPA - Just trying to add to the total but a nice beer none the less!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

RIP Ralph Houk

I haven't quite gotten to my eulogy of Mr. Steinbrenner. I may's too complex...that said...Ralph Houk was the manager of the third of 4 great Yankee teams. And what I mean is that a team that was so dominant in one year following up with a championship the next year.....I gave up on this premise (36-42...but the others stand) Those teams are:

1927 - Managed By Miller Huggins - 110 - 44

1928 - Managed By Miller Huggins - 101 - 53

1936 - 1942 - Managed by Joe MCCarthy - Wow this is pretty brutal.

1961 - Managed by Ralph Houk - 109-53

1962 - Managed by Ralph Houk - 99-66

1998 - Managed by Joe Torre - 114 - 48

1999 - Managed by Joe Torre - 98 - 64

I have to leave off the 77, 78 Yanks...I may reconsider...look at those numbers. And the Major was a good part of it!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

Whilst in NYC I discovered Cones. This is across the street from the Tiger. The must taste treat is Johnnie Walker Black flavored ice cream. The booze is reduced (and mostly eliminated). What a very tasty treat!

1) Ommegang - 6/.)% Flemish Sour Brown Ale. This was actually brewed in Belgium in collaboration with a brewery in Belgium. Nice and tasty hits the spot on a hot summer day!

2) Goose Island - Fleur - 7.0% - Belgian Ale steeped with Hibiscus....I don't think so!

3) Great Divide - 16th Anniversary Wood Aged IPA - 10% - Nice smooth. Would really have liked to have had some more hop flavor though.

4) Wachusett Brewing - Larry - Imperial IPA 7.5% - Nice golden color, sweet and malty. Don't really get the West Coast comparison as I don't see the citrus hops coming through but still like the beer.

5) Sixpoint Vienna Lager - Growler at DeCicco's Nice session quality.

6) Troegs Flying Mouflan - Very good Barley Wine. Amber color with a brutal kick! I need to buy another and let it sit and calm down for a bit!

7) Mikkeller - I Beat yoU - 9.75% - I get it...IBU...I had a bad experience with a Mikkeller offering a few weeks ago and poured it. This is much better!

8) The Bruery - Coton - 14.5% I am taking that this is a quad. Very tasty the raisin and cheery flavor abound. Another cellar candidate!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

I think I am somewhat over over quarter end crunch. A bit shellshocked for a number of reasons. Anyway went up to the Delaney's chili cookoff for a couple of hours this afternoon. F**k the chili bring on the beer! They had a nice little sampling going on with a number of good tents. New England BC was there, Stone, Magic Hat had something dinkable, Bru Room had a nice stout. When I was at the Governors Island Fest a couple of weeks back I saw a bunch of people walking around with strings around their necks that had pretzels on them. I thought they were idiots until it dawned on me today that this was to cleanse the palate. If I ever do this, Adam, Gator & Matt are obligated to pummel me. Alfred is obligated to nuke me!

Actually though to go on a bit of a rant, do you want to know how to reduce this country's carbon footprint (and I am serious), eliminate these mailings in no particular order, 1) Solicitations for donations from political candidates, 2) Publishers Clearing House Mailings and 3) Credit Card Solicitations!

1) Lagunitas - Undercover Shutdown Ale - 9.2% - Will add the link in at some point in time (maybe not!) - On growler from DeCicco's very nice...malty but a nice balance of tropical falveors...where is the alchohol!

2) Meantime - IPA - 7.5% - Classic English IPA...I prefer its American Cousin but this is very good. Picked this up at a little whole in the wall on W4th street, corner of MacDougal. They provide a nice IPA history link as well.

3) RJ Rockers - Fish Paralyzer 7.5% A Belgian Style pale ale from South Carolina? Not bad!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Luckiest Man on the face of the Earth

It's amazing that a speach like this endures. What is amazing is that a speach by a widely ignored President is one of the best things I have read. Thanks Powerline.

4th of July (All American) beer review!

Just got back from New York. The excitement began when the train I was on caught on fire and had to stop in Stamford! It is an expensive cab ride to BPT.

1) - Mendocino - Imperial IPA 7.5% - Very similar to a DFH 90. Nose is of Apricot and caramel. Hops are very bitter no citrus flavors noted. Glad I tried it but may not go back to it again.

Sitting here listening to the group "X" and their tune "4th of July" it's a great tune. I've listened to this song on this day for years.

2) Southern Tier - Imperial Farmers Tan Pale Lager - 9.0% - Nice little sipping beer very clean and crisp. Alcohol content is very deceptive!

3) Captain Lawrence - Smoke from the Oak - Smoked Porter aged in wine barrels. I like their smoked porter. This is a bit over the top. Stick to the basics!

4) Avery 17th Anniversary - Black Lager - Yum! Malty and dry hopped. I know I'm fading fast!

5) Belgica - Great Divide - Belgian IPA - 7.2% - Too watery!

6) Stone Brewing Emperial IPA - 8.9% Best beer of the day hands down. Happy 4th!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

USA! USA! USA!!!! Alright I know I am a hypocrite!

1) Sierra Nevada XXX - Charlie Fred & Ken's Bock - 8.3% - The second of the 30th Anniversary beers. Very very tasty! Nice orange color, starts out with the spices and finishes (in my opinion very dry). Really looking forward to the other releases in this series!

2) Southampton - Imperial Porter - 7.2% - Pours a nice black very mild chocolate, cocoa & coffee. Kind of thin for an Imperial but tasty though.

3) Weyerbacher - 15 Smoked Imperial Stout - 10.8% - Nice sipping stout!. Might be a bit warm for this but I like the pronounced smoke flavor!

4) La Botteresse - Blonde - 7.5% Nice fruity Belgian blonde ale. Courtesy of 12 % Imports.

5) Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel - Equinoxe du Printemps - Scotch Ale Brewed with Maple Syrup - 9.5% - Wow almost passed out typing that name. Nice beer very sweet would go great with pancakes!

6) Hoppin Frog - Doris The Destroyer - Double Imperial Stout -10.5% - Just the thing for a warm summer night. A little stronger than it's brother Boris. I like the coffee and chocolate mixed in with a good amount of hops. Alcohol is easy. Very drinkable.

7) Bear Republic - Big Bear Black Stout - 8.1%. The BA bros have this as world class (A+). Who am I to argue. Great black beer (bear) love the coffee and toffee being pushed by the hops. This can reasonable be obtained in New York state and would recommend that this would be pursued.

8) Stoudts - Triple - 9.0% - I like this nice sweet beer to put me out of my misery on a hot early summers day. Can'nt wait for the Gator's suggestion to try Allagash!