Friday, July 16, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

Whilst in NYC I discovered Cones. This is across the street from the Tiger. The must taste treat is Johnnie Walker Black flavored ice cream. The booze is reduced (and mostly eliminated). What a very tasty treat!

1) Ommegang - 6/.)% Flemish Sour Brown Ale. This was actually brewed in Belgium in collaboration with a brewery in Belgium. Nice and tasty hits the spot on a hot summer day!

2) Goose Island - Fleur - 7.0% - Belgian Ale steeped with Hibiscus....I don't think so!

3) Great Divide - 16th Anniversary Wood Aged IPA - 10% - Nice smooth. Would really have liked to have had some more hop flavor though.

4) Wachusett Brewing - Larry - Imperial IPA 7.5% - Nice golden color, sweet and malty. Don't really get the West Coast comparison as I don't see the citrus hops coming through but still like the beer.

5) Sixpoint Vienna Lager - Growler at DeCicco's Nice session quality.

6) Troegs Flying Mouflan - Very good Barley Wine. Amber color with a brutal kick! I need to buy another and let it sit and calm down for a bit!

7) Mikkeller - I Beat yoU - 9.75% - I get it...IBU...I had a bad experience with a Mikkeller offering a few weeks ago and poured it. This is much better!

8) The Bruery - Coton - 14.5% I am taking that this is a quad. Very tasty the raisin and cheery flavor abound. Another cellar candidate!

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