Sunday, December 26, 2010


Almost had an MC moment here as the bottle was wax sealed. Thankfully there is no more of that nonsense in inventory!

East End Brewing - Gratitude - 11.2% American Barleywine - Wow this is a sipper. I guess they release this every year on the breweries anniversary. Picked this up (like the others) at Capones as pasr of the Philly haul. This is all about caramel and fruit. Really get a plumb taste and then a bit of hoppines at the end for a nice balance.

Giant game at 4:00 is looking iffy considering the pace I am on. This is actually a very nice bottle. Might have to consider having a beer cave trophy space so to speak.


mc said...


Always looking for a shout out but do you mean you almost cut yourself?

Me Clueless per usual.

Jimmy said...

Not clueless...thought I might saw off my finger!