Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend Beer Review!

Or oh God my liver hurts! Left work early today which means I hit Puffy's, Stout's, Rattle n'Hum, and the Ginger Man. Tomorrow (hopefully) going to New England Brewing to get a growler fill of Old Stock. That said.....

1) McNeill's War Lord - Nice Dry hopped beer. When I went to Table & Vine I did not realize the peoples republic of vermont was only an hour north!

2) New England Brewing - Gold Stock Ale - American Strong Ale 6.5% - There was still plenty left when I got there. Got a generous sample from Matt & we chatted for a bit while he filled my growler. The barrel aged version of Stout Trooper and the delightfully un-PC DIPA named Ghandi Bot should be coming out first weekend in April. Ghandi Bot will be available primarily at New Haven package stores while Trooper will be brewery only. Definitely going to check it out but it may be a mob scene. Back to Gold Stock, very drinkable at 6.5%. Good hoppy taste. Kind of a stronger Elm City lager. This growler will have a short shelf life!

3) New England Brewing - Atlantic Amber - 5% - Nice copper color & very tasty. This might be my favorite of their offerings. Could drink this all day (and just might!)

4) Samuel Adams - Noble Pils - 5.2% - Only the second Sam Adams beer I have reviewed...maybe it's a Boston bias. Nice light and flavorful. This would be something to have on hand for non craft drinkers to try.

5) Port Brewing - Shark Attack Double Red Ale - 9.0% - Now on to the big boys. This is part of the Table and Vine haul from a couple of weeks ago. Pours a very murky brown...Very fruity the 9.0% is hidden very well. Can't wait to get back to T&V!

6) Port Brewing - High Tide Fresh Hop IPA - 6.5% - Extremely Hoppy. Brewed with Centennial and Simcoe hops. This one would be great on cask as through countless of samples I like the hoppy IPA's on cask.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beer Review Continues

1) Moylans - Ryan Sullivan's Imperial Stout - Wow very good stout. They named this in honor of a friend of their's. Great stout as this continues! Just looked at the label 10% ......

Happy Birthday Billy Morrisey!

Not sure if I have the last name spelling correct but spelling is not my strong point. Billy turns 85 on Wednesday. Billy is one of the last old guards of the Golden Star (by the way I miss Cliff, Don Walters and Old Sean Thornton!)Billy was in Paris during is for guys like him that some nit wit like me can sit here and write about beer. Billy's drink of choice is a short beer with a Christian Brother's back up. The Golden Star to its credit has never raised the price for his drink. Be well Billy!

Weekend Beer Review

Just took in a Uconn women's game...stopped off at City Steam for a Carpenters IPA. The car keys are tucked away and now it is time to rock! That said.....

1) Rogue - John Jon Ale - Dead Guy Ale aged in Dead guy Whiskey Barrels - 6.4% - Really get the Whiskey taste here. Very carbonated almost a prickly feel in your mouth. Definitely worth a try. Says it was brewed using "free range coastal water." Gotta like that!

2) Legacy Brewing - Hoptimus Prime 9.0% - Very good standard east coast DIPA. Reading, PA might be worth a road trip. I think the Phillies have a minor league team there (no not the Mets they are in Queens!)

By the way bought a couple bottles of Goose Island's 2009 Bourbon County Stout yesterday. Have only had their 2008 so far. This bottle give a born on date of 12.18.09. I think when I first had the 08 it had aged a few more months. I am almost "fraidy scared" of trying this beast (13%) fresh. As an aside the Tiger is having a Goose Island night next Wednesday. I'm hoping to be there!

3) Troegs Nugget Nectar - Imperial Amber - 7.5% - Nice Orange pour...very sweet fruity hops. Could drink this all night long! I wonder if Harrisburg is near Reading.....oh well off to mapquest!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents's Day Beer Review!

What the hell wanted to start a new post. That said.....

1) Clipper City Brewing Co. - Loose Cannon - Hop 3 Ale - American IPA - 7.0% - I think there is a theme with this brewing co. Nice taste just a bit watery.

2) Mercury Brewing Co - Clown Shoes - Black IPA - 7.0% - Interesting beer like the way the malts and hops mesh. Oh well back to Springfield!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

Went on a bit of a road trip today to West Springfield, Mass to visit the Table & Vine. Outstanding beer selection with many items noted that are not available in CT. This place is about 20 minutes north of the CT border and is easy on/off of I91. This is a place for the Gator who is not adverse to lengthy beer junkets. That said....

1) Flying Dog - Raging Bitch - Belgian Style IPA - 8.3% - Gator explained that a Belgian IPA style has something to do with the yeast strains. Not sure I could tell the difference between this and a regular IPA but I think it is great. Also like the name!

2) Sierra Nevada - Glissade - Golden Bock - 6.4% - As usual another great beer from the godfather of American Craft Brewing. Only it is still too cold. May need to go back to a Bigfoot!

3) Opa Opa - Opa Opa IPA - 6.0% Alright...going to start in on the Table & Vine haul. I think you can get this in CT. Opa Opa was doing a tasting at Table & Vine any purchase got you a Pint Glass and a restaurant coupon. Good by me. Mild and very drinkable IPA. May go to the brewery in the spring.

4) Founders Brewing - Old Curmudgeon - 9.8% - I know you can't get this in CT. Much different than the Hair of the Dog Adam as they are both Old Ale's. This to me is a lot like a barleywine....a very nicely aged barleywine! The molasses and caramel tastes are very thick. Think I am going to put one away for a year or so. Uh oh Alcohol kicking in now!

5) The Lost Abbey - Gift of the Magi - 10% - Oh Boy...another of those breweries that I've read about and now get to try! Biere de Garde - Wow the alcohol presence is really there...some idiot on BA said this could be highly sessional, yeah right! Still though I find this very similar to a barleywine and really like it. The Lost Abbey is the nom de plume of Port Brewing in San Marcos, CA. One day I am really going to have to do a proper beer tour of CA.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

National Snow Emergency Beer review!

or a title as such suggested by MC. If you want to read intelligent content you should definitely go there. Otherwise shiver me liver!

1) Clipper City Brewing - Peg Leg - Imperial Stout - 8.0% - Not sure how this gets to 8%, but again, Guiness could take a lesson!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Greatest Rhythm Section...

in Rock & Roll History should have performed this last night and then walked off stage. Problem is the lead is dead.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Superbowl Beer Review!

Maybe I will get a cease and desist order with that title but what the f**k! Got into a Superbowl Pool at dba and had a very good Lagunitas Gnarlywine on cask. So before the latest storm of the century approaches (can Obama provide resources so I can go to the Liquor store tomorrow) here goes:

1) Hoppin Frog - Boris the Crusher - Oatmeal Imperial Stout - I guess this should be for breakfast (although at 9.4% probably not). Finding this on tap would be fun!

2) New England Brewing - Elm City Lager - 5.0% - Great session beer light and refreshing. Could sit down and drink this all day. Picked this up as a growler at the brewery. Also, put up a couple of the fancy Sam Adam perfect pint glasses at Amity Wine and S

%pirit for 1.99 each!

3) The VerMonster - Rockart Brewery 10% - American Barleywine - Therse guys were in a bit of a sticky wicket with the Monster Energy drink folks....they won! This a great barleywine for me. Very hoppy with big alcohol presence. Think I am going to follow this up with a BigFoot!

First beer of Super Sunday!

4) Ballast Point Brewing Company - Sculpin IPA - 7.0% - Had this previously at the Tiger. Luckily found a bottle last week at DeCicco's. Test driving the Sam Adams glass don't know if it does much but like the way it looks. This is a great is a sweet IPA, bitterness is minimal (kind of sweet). I see why this gets such great reviews.

5) Nogne - Special Holiday Ale - 8.5% - Collaboration with American Brewers Stone & Jolly Pumpkin. Interesting beer.....have had the ale with spices before but this is different. Kind of like Sambuca! Good though.

6) Cigar City - Warmer Winter...Done!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Couple of NYC Pictures

Thought of MC when I saw the sign in red as that would be a saying he would appreciate. Kind of thought he might be going into the slogan writing field. Belgian Mondays work as well.