Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pre-Vacation Beer Review!

Been a while, just can't find anything new for the last few weeks except I did come across one hidden gem. That said when I left work yesterday I didn't intend on going on a pub crawl but did a mini one anyway. The intent was to go to the Blind Tiger (had a 2007 Brooklyn Chocolate Stout on tap) but really found a gem at the 124 Rabbit Club on MacDougal at Minetta. This is right across the street from the famous Cafe Wha. Not much on tap but a great bottle selection. A lot of Belgians. Made for Gator.

1) Southern Tier Brewing - Uber Sun - Imperial Summer Wheat - 8% Good way to start the vacation off. Is 8% Drinkable, Probaly not. To me this is like a mild IPA.

2) Oskar Blues - Ten Fidy - Imperial Stout 9.5% - Great smokey and coffee like. Heard a lot about this and found a couple of rare (at this time of the year) 4 packs at Mo's. Gonna be hurtin on the flight tomorrow!

3) Another Oskar Blues offering - Old Chub - Scotch Ale This ends it, see you in August!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Man can you imagine if a drunk frat boy W had been involved with the death of a woman? What would the press have done? Powerline as usual nails it:

Ted Kennedy has styled himself an opponent of wealth and privilege, but his career is a tribute to their power when wielded by a man of the left. The lesson of Chappaquiddick thus remains timely forty years on.

Update: Alfred as I should have thought beat me to this. I hope Red Sux nation is proud of this man. Surprise he wasn't throwing out the first pitch at Fenway today.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Have been rather quiet lately

Been busy at work, commuting, planning this year's baseball excursion. Can't find much in new beers to review (have I hit a beer wall?) That said, this Friday is going to be one of my last trips through the East Village for a while. Usual stops are dba, zum schneider and the East Village Tavern. The Beer menu at the East Village Tavern looks especially ominous. Oh well, the carnage has been mostly(?) quiet the last few weeks.

Sunday, July 5, 2009