Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post 600 Beer Review!

On a roll today!

1) Alesmith - Decadence - 11% - English Old Ale - A bit of a comedown after what I havve been drinking. Kind of mild. Despite the ABV this might settle the stomach!

2) Nebraska Brewing - Fathead - Barleywine Aged in Whiskey Barrels - 10.8% Great more big beers. Thank god for the blizzard. Tasty but no where near the Gratitude. See you for New Years!

The storm did not allow me to get to work today. Metro North is pretty much shut down, So I get to review a few more.

3) Weyerbacher - Tiny 11.8% - Belgian Style Imperial Stout - Kind of like drinking a chocolate quad! Tasty, also makes me think of a chocolate banana split. Not necessarily an afternoon beer!

4) Sam Adams - Infinium- 10.3% Collaborative effort with Weihenstephan - Interesting beer style is Biere de Champagne which I guess is a relatively new style. Not sure is it is my type of style though!

5) Harpoon Brewing - Chocolate Stout - Nice Session beer - A little coconut taste to go with the chocolate. Well on the way to 700!

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