Thursday, November 18, 2010

Weekend Beer review!

Gonna start with one from the epic Philly suburb beer haul!

1) Great Lakes Brewing Co - Commodore Perry - 7.5% - Enjoy by date 12.26.10 - This beer is very good. There are going to be some very interesting ones from this haul. But this is a good one to start off with. A nice marriage between an east and west coast IPA..well done!

Not from Philly....

2) Shmaltz Brewing - He' Brew - Origin - Pomegranate Ale - 8.0% Don't know what a Pomegranate tastes like but I like the tartness with a bit of a boozy end.

3) Cigar City - Sea Bass - Farmhouse Ale - No ABV - I'm starting I think to see the appeal of these Farmhouse Ale's. Nicely tart and sweet. Very easy drinking.

$) Ithaca Brute - Sour! As can be told by the numbering scheme this beer was had at an inopurtune time. If you like a sour taste...go for it!

5) Smuttynose - Farmhouse Ale - 9% - Juxtaposition between this and the Cigar City offering is telling. Not as tarty not as drinkable give the ABV. Enjoy the orangey, bready taste to this. Smuttynose rules.

6) Nebraska Brewing - Black Betty - 9.0 Brting on the whiskey! Guess which was the last beer of the weekend!

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