Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gathering of the Vibes Beer Review!

Heading down in a moment figured I'd have some fortification. Hopefully with run into the Gatorsaurus Rex...but if he's twirling I'm leaving!

1)North Coast Brewing Old Rasputin XXII - 11.2%...A stout aged in bourbon barrels how novel! Seriously though silky smooth great coffee and bourbon taste. Hey that's Adams breakfast!

2) Terrapin Gamma Ray - Wheat Wine brewed with honey. 11%...very...very sweet!

3) Saison du Buff - Stone/Victory/Dogfish - 6.8% - Brewed with Parsley, Sage Rosemary & Time. Interesting beer the spices noted above mix very well with the lemony hops. Quite enjoyable!

4) Laughing Dog - CSB - Extra Special Bitter...Kind of a weird brew. This is going to take a while to get down. By the way CSB stands for crotch sniffing bastard and the label reads "How Dogs Say Hello" in case you were wondering.

5) Bear Republic- Tribute Ale - Pete Brown - 6.3% I guess Pete was a sales manager for Bear who paased away in 2002. Damn fitting tribute. Here's to you Pete!

6) Cricket Hill - Nice porter not sure where the bourbon is. A little watery although tasty none the less!

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