Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene Beer Review

Stuck in Minneapolis but the drinking is not deterred! Some nice midwest beers are coming.

1 Surly - Coffee Bender - 5.1% - Mild porter with some serious coffee overtones. Might have this for breakfast tomorrow!.

2) Great Lakes Brewing - Lake Erie Monster - Double IPA 9.1% - Bring on the hops! Time to rest before the Vikings game! Pretty sure I haven't reviewed this. Need to double chack when I get home!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birthday Weekend Beer Review

Came across some interesting beers so I figured I'd start early. Update forgot to post this on Tuesday so moving to the weekend version!

1) Widmer Brothers W-114 IPA - American IPA - 6.2% - Their own engineered hops! Nice. Tasty but unfortunately the bottled on date was 5/19. Need to try this fresh. These guys are underrated!

2) Cigar City - Hunaphu - 11.5% Cracked open one of my ill gotten gains for my birthday. The chile notes are pretty much gone but the vanilla and chocolate are still there. This is a great beer!

3) Clipper City - Prosit! - 9.9% - Imperial Oktoberfest - Oktoberfest is not my number one style but this is nice. Good way to start the day!

4) Victory Brewing - Lager - 5.0% Great Crossover beer!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Right to it.....

1) Great Divide Belgian Style Yeti - 9.5% - Nice kind of low on the phenol. Still a nice sipper! Bottled on date says 7/19 so very fresh!

2) Dark Horse Brewing - Plead the Fifth Imperial Stout - 12% - Coffee and Chocolate overload. Big time boozy flavor. In your face. This will take a while. Are we sure this is not bourbon barrel aged?

3) Dark Horse Brewing - Reserve Special Black Bier Ale - 8.5% - Not a stout, not a porter so I guess this is a strong ale give the ABV. These guys brew some monters! A bit smokey with a nice sweet finish.

4) Coastal Extreme Brewing - Newport Storm '10 - Black IPA - 12% - I didn't realize that this annual release was of a different style. The 07 was a barleywine and this is a black IPA. Tasty but maybe a bit syrupy. Nice for a rainy Sunday?

5) Olde Burnside Brewing - Ten Penny Ale - Reserve - 9.3% - Nice for a scotch ale. Not my style though.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Might not be a lot of activity so I figured I'd combine midweek and weekend!

1) Olde Burnside - Penny Weiz Ale - 5.3% - Nice light wheat beer....mostly citrus with a little bit of a nutty finish. Check out their website, they have a couple of interesting releases coming up.

Bluefish rain out

2) Avery Brewing - 18 Anniversary - Dry hopped Rye Saison - Pretty tasty, get the spiciness with the dry hops. Not bad at all. Had to pick up in NY as Avery doesn't do Connecticut distro any more.

3) Stone Brewing - Japanese Green Tea - IPA - 9.2% - Man that is sneaky on the ABV. A lot of conflicting opinions on BA. I like this, a nice floral hop beginning wit a little tea at the end!

4) The Bruery - Batch 300 Tripel - 8.2% - A Tripel brewed with Citra, wow! Hell of an IPA even though the call it a Tripel!

5) Berkshire Brewing - 7.0% - Dark Wheat Beer - Interesting, not quite sure what a dark wheat beer is. Kind of a brown ale?