Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Beer Review

Countdown to an epic beer journey....

1) Bluepoint Toxic Sludge - Black IPA - Had this at a cask event in NYC was surprised to be able to find a bottle in CT! Appearance...Nice almost jet black color...medium head. This smells more than like a stout so what's next. Tastes..smokey, malty just with a slight hops bite. Is this really an IPA? Very happy with this beer. Could drink it all night. I do have to say this seems more like an extra hoppy stout to me but enjoyable none the less!

2) Sam Adams - Boston Lager - 4.75% - Bought one of those Winter variety packs so I can get a few more closer to 600. Very solid beer one of the grand daddy's. Woody maltiness. Can't wait to go through this 12 pack.

3) Sierra Nevada - 30th Anniversary Grand Cru - 9.2% - I don't think this has been added to Beer Advocate yet and I certanly don't have the chops to do it. This is a marriage of Oak aged Big Foot, Celebration and Pale Ale. This is very good. The malts of the Big Foot are really offset by the Celebration/Pale Ale hops. I think I get the concept of a Grand Cru now. Going to throw a few more in the cellar and will crack one when my niece or nephew is born (Feb 11)

4) 21'st Ammendment - Fireside Chat - Winter Warmer - 7.9% - Spicey and sour not sure what this is!

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