Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday beer Review!

One of my buddies from work went home last weekend. He was going to Downington. I innocently suggested he should go to Victory Brewing. He brought me back a Growler!

1) Victory - Festbier -5.6% - Nice Oktoberfest, particular malt bomb. Wait till you see the growler!

2) High and Mighty Oak Aged Winter Ale - 7.2% A bit like a barleywine. Profits go to Afghanistan & Iraq war vets groups. Good by me.

3) Traquair - 2020 - Product of Scotland 10.0% but basically a big old English Barleywine. Very tasty loands of plums and raisin. Check out the history of this place...road trip!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Right to it!

1) Dugges - Nevermind the bollox - Double IPA 9% - I think I may be getting good at this. First taste I thought this was a barleywine and most of the reviewers on beer advocate agreed. I really do though need to stick with American Craft

2) Dugges - 1/2 Idjit - Imperial Porter - 7.0% - Great Nose but is really too thin for me. Great name though!

3) White Birch - Wrigian - 7% Belgian Style - Nice amber color, no real sign of the alcohol, just a little fruity tartness. Very pleasant to drink.

4) The Shipyard - Longfellow Ale - Winter Warmer - Nice and Malty, here is to Spring!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What the hell, rest of the week beer review!

1) 21'st Ammendment Bitter American - 4.4% - Says this is an American IPA, not sure about that but it is tasty and they should be commended for this taste given the ABV (or lack there of)

Got through the Tiger Vermont excursion reltively unscathed....Had Heady Topper & Abner....So now going with a malt bomb!

2) Port Brewing - Santa's Little Helper - Russian Imperial Stout - 10.0% - Seems like there is a little bourbon here without anything on the label. Got the chocolate and vanilla as well. This is beer 650!

3) The Bruery - Mischief - 8.5% - Hoppy Belgian Ale - There has to be Champagne Yeast here. Got to like the hoppy with a bit of pepper end!

Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day Beer Review!

Just finished two tax returns, shovelled the snow at my mothers and now it is time to relax for a bit.

1) Sam Adams - Stony Brook Red - 9.0% - Part of their Barrel Room collection. American wild ale. Great tart fruit flavor. I think this may have aged a while which basically tones down the expected funk! Picked up this in Boston as it is only a Mass release!

2) Erie Brewing Company - Misery Bay IPA - 6.5% - always like adding a new brewery. Completely bitter IPA, would love to know the IBU's here.

3) Shipyard Brewing - Double Old Thumper - 11.2% - I've had the original and this is huge. Have to really sip this one as there is no attempt to hide this alcohol!

4) Guinness - Foreign Export Stout - Yuck!

5) Port Brewing - High Tide - Fresh Hop 6.5% Nice get the lawnmower going!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

On Wisconsin Beer Review

All drinking today is in support of Governor Walker. Kind of weird that I will be starting off with some beers from the Peoples Republic of Vermont though!

1) Otter Creek Alpine Black IPA - 6% - Jet black and such a nice mixture of malts and hops. The hops really do belie the color. I really can get in to this style.

Beer Alert!!!! Wish I had one of those red sirens that Drudge has anyway, picked up a 2007 Bigfoot at Bierkraft yesterday. Also picked up a couple six's of the 2011 offering. Going to have a nice vertical coming up. Also just got the e-mail from the Tiger. The Alchemist is bringing its acclaimed IPA Heady Topper to the Vermont Beer & Cheese festival on Wednesday. Nice!

Here is a nifty little site. I need to buy a stainless steel growler.

2) Otter Creek - Copper Ale - 5.4% These session ales are a great way to start off the day. Light clear and refers hing!

3)Otter Creek - Stove Pipe Porter - 4.4% - Jet black, nice roasted malts, coffee and espresso tones. Still there is a little hint of hops which makes for a nice balance.

4) Port Brewing - Panzer - Imperial Pilsner - 9.5% - Alright time to move to the major leagues. Sweet & Hot! 'Nuf said!

5) Dogfish - Pangea - Nice belgian lite ale. I think I'm done!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Beer review!

Had to take a day off....Yay! Beer!

1) Clown Shoes - Hoppy Feet 1.5 - First Anniversary Ale - Double Black IPA - This is interesting a nice little malt and hop bomb. Always like going up to Table and Vine to pick up these delicious treats!

2) Full Sail - Bump in the Night - 6.5% - Nice black ale! Hoppy!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Big Weekend Beer Review

Man my reviews have been lacking. Going to try to make up I have some pretty big one's lined up for the weekend. I have beers slated for 697-700 in house as well. I have oudone myself with this grouping. It is outrageous!

1) Sam Adams - Revolutionary Rye - 5.5% - Gonna start out small though. Nice little thirst quencher but this is going to have to get out of the way of the big boys coming up. Stay tuned!

2) Cigar City - Improvasacion - 9% - Kind of a weird beer a little bit of a muddled mess. Oh well.

3) Koningshoeven - La Trappe - Oak Aged Trappist Ale (Quad) - 10% - Delicious way to start off the day. Nice amber color, medium carbonation. Get a little of the oak taste as well. Definitely going to by another bottle or two and let them sit for a while.

4) Great Divide - Espresso Oak Aged Yeti - 9.5% - Ahh stout - A little bitter given the espresso, maybe a hint of licorice. This would be great with those alcoholic whipped creams I see around.

5) Great Divide - Grand Cru 11% - Pretty succesful beer weeknd sunk!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm damn exhausted beer review!

In a good way though. I think the Golden Star just tapped a keg of Sam's Noble Pils, a sure sign of the apocalypse!

1) Sam Adams - Irish Red - 5.7% - OK Not a bad beer, just more of an Oktoberfest Style to me.

2) Willimantic Brewery - S.W.A.K Stout - 5.7% - Their milk stout with a bit of vanilla infused. Very tasty. This growler will carry forward till tomorrow!