Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

Figured I'd start a new thread...

1) Brooklyn Brewery - Cuvee Noire - 8.7% - Latest in the Brewmasters reserve series, via Growler from Deciccos. More like a porter to me don't really get the spiciness I would expect. Still a nice drinker!

2) Flying Fish Extra Pale Ale - Nice and dry, but no.

3) New England Brewing Zapata Bot - 8% - Got this on Saturday at Nebco. Bottle 29 out of 713. Have been waiting to try this since the release of Ghandi Bot and after hearing what the guys intended on doing and the tribulations they went through to get a serviceable tequila barrel. Appearance - Murky orange color, bit of a thin head.
Taste - Wow you get the floral hops up front and then a nice peppery taste followed by a bit of a boozy finish (ahh the tequila). Mouth feel - Sweet and bitter the hops and the tequila really balance out. Drinkability - Very easy...maybe too much so. Matt had mentioned that this was about 8%. Definitely a fun beer to try. Very tasty and out of the ordinary. Think I am going to age my other bottle for a bit.

4) Stone Brewing - Lucky Bastard - 9.2% - Strong Ale - And then some...A dry hopped version of Arrogant Bastard, Oaked Arrogant Bastard & Double Bastard...great just what I needed. Next they will age this in Bourbon barrels just to add insult to injury!

5) Sebago Brewing . Full throttle - DIPA - 8.something % - Nice IPA a little malty for me.

6) Flying fish - Grand Cru - Winter Reserve - 7.2% Nice Belgian Ale, I Think. Maybe a bit much though.

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