Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Houston Beer Review

Was able to find some gems in the city of Houston but be warned. There is really very little to do in downtown. The source of the beers reviewed in Spec's (no not the vulgar mexican term). Spec's is a very good beer store and I got a good amount of regional/local stuff to quench my thirst. The other place is the Flying Saucer. Thank god for that place. Within a day I was being called by my first name there. Very similar to the Gingerman (which I didn't get to as the Saucer was within easy walking distance of the hotel. I joined the Saucer's Fan Club & I have an official shirt to wear at this weekend's craft beer fest in NYC. Hopefully no more bridges burn.

1) Boulevard Brewing - Double Wide IPA - Hey are they talking about (gotta stop nothing good can come of where this may go. 8.5% Very strong, pungent IPA. Maybe a bit too strong. A better offering follows.

2) Boulevard Brewing - Sixth Glass Quad...10.5% very solid homage to the style. The BA guys even put this over Ommegang's Three Philosophers!

3) Saint Arnold's - Fancy Lawnmower - 4.9% - Says it is a Kolsch, I thought it was a lager (It reminded me of Elm City). Anyway very drinkable and light. Should have done the brewery tour.

4) Real Ale Brewing - Barleywine 11.5% - It looks like these guys like to brew big beers. This was a 2009 version so it had occasion to mellow. Very similar to a Bigfoot...enjoyable!

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I like flying suacer's franchising page.