Saturday, October 31, 2009


Was going to tack this on to the beer review but this is deserving of its own post. When double checking the url for Decicco's in Ardsley, NY I noticed there was a town in New York called Alfred! There is also an Alfred University! If this isn't a sign that the Apocalypse is upon us, nothing is.

Weekend Beer Review!

What a day this has been. Went to Decicco's to pick up some beer. Got some goodies including my second growler fill. Bad thing is is that my stupid muffler decided to damn near fall off on my way home. Thank god I was near exit 41 on the Merrit Parkway and was able to pull off to the commuter parking lot. Did the AAA call and waited for 2 hours for some lousy non-american, Obama loving tow service to come get me. Finally got fed up, rigged up the muffler with a couple of coat hangers and made it to Meineke. Was most worried about the growler though. I have a couple of good treats from that trip (hey it's Halloween) and here is what we start with (check back through out the weekend):

1) Keegan Ales - Joe Mama Milk Stout - 8% - Imperial Stout - Very coffee like that certainly overpowers any chocolate flavor. I do like this and it is a worthy growler fill. 64 ounces and as the Gator says once you open a growler you are really committed to finish it during one sitting. While as one who should be committed I intend to do just that as I am in for the evening. The one thing I do plan on doing post haste is graduating to a big boy flip top growler as the idiot who filled mine didn't tighten the lid.

2) Alesmith Brewing - Old Numbskull - Barleywine - 11% - Not going to make first pitch of the World Series if this is how I am going to start. Great beer have read about this and was pleasantly surprised to find it. Hoppier then most barley's that I've had but I like it. This bomber was 20 bucks. Considering taking another ride to Ardsley to see if I can get 2 more. One to drink and one to age. Even if they don't have it, DeCicco's is well worth the trip. I really do need to get back to San Diego.

3) Alesmith Brewing - IPA - Even better than Old Numbskull! West Coast Hops rule!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Weekend Beer Review....

Weather is crappy. I have a couple of interesting West Coast IPA's. I actually e-mailed the guy from 21st Amendment saying how much I liked his IPA. He responded with a nice e-mail. MC now calls me a beer stalker! Actually had their Watermelon Wheat at Spitzers last night. Not bad at all!

1) Moylans Brewing IPA - 6.5% - First up...Would have liked to have had this fresh. Bottle says keep refrigerated but got it warm. Still though very good. Can't get enough of the Hops!

2) Moylans Brewing - Hopsickle Imperial Ale Triple Hoppy - 9.2% - Have read about this and am glad to have finally had it. Hate the commute to NYC but finding these gems is worth it. I think I qualify as a Hop Head according to Ida! Just jotted off another beer stalker fan letter. All kidding aside, I wish I had stopped off at their brewery as I was near Novato, CA this past summer. Oh well, another reason to go back.

3) Lagunitas - Little Sumpin Extra - Not as hoppy as the others although dangerously drinkable at 8.7%

4) Lagunitas - Hop Stoopid - 8% - Too malty! Where's the hops?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Read Alfred Instead!

Reason the way I was Adam Bombed about 3:00

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Beer Review

There is a friggin' Nor'Easter going on outside so I don't think I will do any walking today. That said I have a couple of tasty treats in the fridge that I haven't gotten to. I should be Adam-Bombed by the 4 o'clock game!

1) Avery - The Kaiser - Imperial Oktoberfest - 10% - Bottled in 08. Typical overly sweet Avery Beer. I thought it was a barleywine. I'm pretty sure the Kaiser is a divisive figure. Maybe the NFL will take away my viewing rights!

Kind of off topic rant - Went to the Uconn/Louisville game with the ever intrepid Gator yesterday. Rentschler Field, as a sporting venue, had one of the better selections of beer that I have seen on the East Coast. Good for them.

2) The Bruery - Tradewinds - 8.1% - Belgian Tripel - Brewed with Rice & Thai Basil - Small hints of the Banana flavor, - Rice/Thai Basil gives it a spicy taste. I like this. Not quite like anything I've tasted before. A spicy tripel with a little vanilla? Is saying vanilla divisive?


Game Day!

Uconn Football

I could tell by the Flag I was in Husky Nation!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Maybe the NFL would prefer it if Al (Tawana Brawley) Sharpton or Jesse (Hymie Town) Jackson bought the Rams. That said who would want the Rams?

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Is back with a vengeance he has been sorely missed.

Weekend Beer Review

Man it's been a while but I have been so emotional over the Emperor loosing the Olympics to Rio and getting the Nobel Peace prize that I haven't been able to concentrate. That said.....

1) Samichlaus Classic - 14%. Deceptively smooth, says on the bottle that the age it for 10 months (it shows in the taste). The bottle calls itself "Malt Liquor". Seems like a pretty well aged barleywine. Not something to chug.