Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekend Beer Review!

Man I skipped a week...I suck!

1) Great Divide - Rumble IPA 7.1% - An oak aged IPA - I get what they are trying to do, muting the hops with the aging....nice beer keep the hops!

2) The Bruery Fruet - Old ale 15.5% Happy 4th anniversary done!

3) Dogfish Head - Urkontinent - Dubbel 8.1% - One of their better offerings I think.  Part of their historical series.  Nice chocolate flavor to this.  To me the maybe more of a porter?

4) Dogfish Head - Positive Contact - 9.0% - A wheat beer brewed with Apples.  Very similar to a Tripel.  Glad I didn't spend money on the box set with the record though!

5) Sierra Nevada - Brux - about 8% or so.  Wild ale brewed in conjunction with Russian River.  Nicely dry have a bottle for the cellar but may just scarf fresh!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weekend Beer Review!

1) Clown Shoes - Miracle - IPA  - 5.5% American IPA - Nice IPA would I buy it again...most likely not.

2) Cisco Brewers - Monomoy Kriek - Sour yes!

3) Central Waters - Peruvian Morning - 8.5% - A bourbon barrel aged stout that is unfortunately infected.  Get the coffee and a bit of green apple.  Still better than bud.

4) Founders Brewing - Frangelic Mountain Brown - 9.0% - Coffee beer (bown ale) flavored with hazelnut.  The alcohol is very well hidden.  Not much of a fan of this though.

5) Rogue - Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale - 5.6% Very strange beer - Supposed to be about some doughnut shop in Oregon.  Cool bottle though.

6) Captain Lawrence - Rosso e Marrone - 10%  -Flanders Oud Bruin...Fantastic sour...actually very outstanding.  Can't say enough about this.

7) New Belgium - Tart Lychee - done

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend Beer Review!

Man am I late!

1) Unibroue - Eau Benite - Tripel - 7.7% - A big one.  Apricot, banana and bubblegum.  Wow this is a very tasty beer.  Alcohol is right up front.  Nice sipper.  Might be a go to tripel!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4th of July Beer Review!

Gonna have some interesting one's coming up

1) Great Divide - Barrel Aged Old Ruffian - 12.7% - Nothing says America better than a whiskey barrel aged barleywine!  Pours with no head get a bit of whiskey in the nose.  Toffe and caramel in the taste.  Zero in the way of alchol heat!

2) Captain Lawrence - Hops and Roses - American Wild Ale - Very funky bret nose and taste.  Slight hops taste with a bit of floral (for real) notes.  May get some more on Saturday.

3) Clown Shoes - Pimp - 10.0% - Big Time Brown Ale wow!  - There is some bourbon in this I am sure.  Very tasty not much of a brown ale fan but this is very good.

4) Karbach - Weisse Versa - 5.2% - Hefeweizen - damn Texas makes some good Hefe's!