Sunday, October 31, 2010


Just got this one in (in October that is)

1) Paulaner - Wiesn Bier - 6% - Brewed for the 200th Munich Oktoberfest. A 1 liter can with a matching mug. Pretty tasty but just a bit lite. The mug is outstanding!

2) Hacker-Pschorr - Original Oktoberfest - Better than the offering above. Nicely sweet. Well done! I might be singing "Goose Step Mama" pretty soon (only Adam will get that reference.

3) Sierra Nevada - Kellerweis - Haven't had this before, get the nice clove and banana taste. This would be great in the summer!

4) Brooklyn - Post Road Pumpkin - bit of a dissapointment here. Not mnuch going on in the body or flavor.

5) Stone Brewing - Vertical Epic 10.10.10 - Nice Tripel and the grape flavors really come out. 2 more years to go and I can do a 9, 10, 11 and 12!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pre Election Beer Review!

Hopefully it is a good one, the election that is, my reviews are always superb....maybe in the beginning!

1) Cigar City - Jai Alai - IPA 7.5% - Nice American IPA - Hoppines is to muted for me though. The West Coast ones seem much better.

2) Smuttynose - Really Old Brown Dog Ale - old Ale 10% - Anyone who brews a beer in honor of their old dog is ok in my books. I believe I had this on tap at the Tiger. A little thin but really get the plum and raisin flavor. ABV not at all hidden. Might get one for the cellar!

3) Smuttynose - S'muttonator - Double Bock - 8.5% - Continuing on in the Smuttynose vain...Great Brewery...comes another big one..really get a caramel taste in this one. I really need to inventory what I haven't yet had from Smuttynose.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Let's get America back beer review!

1) Uinta - Detour DIPA - Picked this up whilst in New York State. Nice orange color...nice head, carbonation no issue. Wow grapefruit and other citrus ready to go in for the dive! Smooth, sharp and a very sweet finish. Very good beer, have had Uinta's barleywine before but not this series. Will have more coming. Well done.

2) Coney Island Geektoberfest - Growler from Decicco's.... Also had this on tap at the Spring Street lounge. Interesting beer the sours from the Captain Lawrence offering really come through (you can always tell the Captain Lawrence trademark taste). The finish is definitely the brown ale (Ithaca) not sure where the Coney Island piece fits in to this but that is ok. I like this and would definitely buy again. Would like to know the ABV though because it does seem to be a sipper!

3) Nogne - Sunturnbrew - 11% - Smoked barleywine brewed annually for the winter solstice. Guess this is last years verion. Like the smokiness with the malty dates & plums taste.

4) Sierra Nevada Estate - Home Grown Wet Hop 6.7% - I swore I would never deal with a bottle that was wax sealed...but this was certainly worth it. I used methods top open this that would have made MC nervous! Nice orange color full head. Getting the hops.... Nice citrus flavor, grapefruit, tangerine no piney bitterness. Medium carbonation, smooth. SN comes through again, a little more than the Pale Ale a litlle less than the Torpedo. These guys have has a great 30th Anniversary!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

We interrupt this beer review!

I am surprised MC missed this!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekend Beer Review!

Waiting for this one....

1) Founders - Harvest Ale (Wet Hop) 6.5% - Listed as an American Pale Ale...not like SN...much hoppier. to me bordering on an American IPA. Great first beer of a hopefully extended weekend after quarter end.

2) Rogue 21 - Old Ale - 8% - OK stupid picture on the front with (I guess) the owner wearing a t-shirt that says..."Somehwhere in texas a village is missing its idiot"...well hopefully the missing village idiot from Kenya will go back soon! Fruity, plum and grape mostly...don't even detect the hops...overall though enjoyable!

3) Oskar Blues - Old Double Bagger - Barleywine 13.2% - Growler from Whole Foods...ruddy brown color, very high test...sippable!

4) White Birch Belgian Style Pale Ale - 8.5% - Wow, this really gets crushed on BA. Kind of light no real body to it. Would most likely pass on having this again.

5) Clown Shoes Eagle Claw Fist - Imperial Amber Ale - 8.0% - Now back to some taste....I like these amber ales withe the nice hops malt balance...well done!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Almost after Quarter End Beer Review

With the worst behind me....!

1) Harpoon Single Hop ESB - 5.8% - Growler from Whole Foods Tribeca - I thought ESB stood for Early Spring Beer but apparently I think it stands for Extra Strong Bitter...Anyway nice beer to begin the weekend!

2) Cisco Brewers - Baggywrinkle Barleywine 9.0% - I like this more than some of my BA compatriots. Orange and Coriander and I like the hops bite. Very good.

3) White Birch - Bohemian Edition Tripel - No Alfred not John Birch...Anyway...nice ok Tripel. 10.8% is a bit scary though.