Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Already stocking up to the post 700 club....

1) Williamsburg Ale Works - Drake Tail IPA 7.5% - A little more sweet than I am used to. Tasty none the less!

2) Ommegang - Gnomegang - Belgian Strong Pale Ale - 9.5% - Nice new offering and a collaboration with D'Achouffe. First thought would be that this is more of a Sasion then a BSPA. Great funkiness to this. Have to try this on tap!

3) Laughing Dog - Sneaky Pete - 10% Imperial IPA - Tasty but too malty for me. Do get the hops but.........

4) Goose Island - Pepe Nero 6.0% - More farmhouse - Al little smokey and spicey, kind of different for this style! As I read the ingredients, it's the peppercorns!

5) Captain Lawrence - Espresso Stout - 6% - Surprised that I haven't tried this before. Very tasty a little thin though!


Have just put in the fridge one of the beers I am going to use for my countdown!

6) Stone Brewing - Higway 78 - Scotch Ale - 8.8% - Nice collaboration with Green Flash and Pizza Port. Scotch ale is not my favorite style, but this is tasty. Not a huge malt bomb, you can actually taste some hops. Nice little beer to begin the countdown!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

I now have enough beer on hand to make it to 700. This is going to be a daunting task.

1) Kelso of Brooklyn - Kelso IPA - 6% Kelso beers have been my first beer of choice on my Friday after work NYC pub crawls. Thanks to DeCicco's for the growler. This is a nice light American IPA. Eminently drinkable! Kelso is a husband and wife team that brew out of the Greenpoint Brewery in Brooklyn. Have met the husband Kelly a couple of times. Great guy!

2) Keegan Ales - Super Kitty 12% - Oh boy... Big Beer Saturday - I think this has aged for a while as it is so mellow. The booze can creep up though. They call it an American Strong ale, but I think it is more of a quad!

3) Boulder Beer Co - Killer Penguin - 10.0% The boys at beer advocate gave this a D- I think that is a bit harsh. Kind of tasty but a bit overpowering. And this was a 2007 vintage!

4) Voodoo Brewery - Big Black Voodoo Daddy - 12% - Big time stout! Jet black aged in tanks with oak staves (?). Very tasty! This will last for a while!

5) Dogfish Head - Namaste - 5.0% - Witbier - Very tasty, enhanced with coriander, orange and lemongrass. Great Summer beer, that said, it is March and what is up with Starving Marvin on the label?

6) Troegs - Scratch Belgian Brown - The esoteric stuff is coming fast and furious. This might be one of the better ones!

Hows that Publik Education working for you?

I mean really would you go to a barber who couln't spell hair. Give the teachers another raise!

Best Beer Bar in Brooklyn

The L Magazine (which I actually really like) recently had a Brooklyn Bar Awards issue. I looked to see if there was a best beer bar selection (there was) and saw a place called the Diamond in Williamsburg. Having been to Williamsburg a few times I thought that might be a bit of a dubious selection. So I went there last night. The Diamond while nice is not even the best beer bar in Williamsburg. That honor belongs to Mugs. If you can't realize that, hand in your beer geek card!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let's start the Weekend Early Beer Review!

Trying to push the March to 700 along....

1) Old Dominion - Big Thaw Bock 7.5% - The idea was to get some session beers to fill in on the road to 700. At 7.5% this is a tactical error. Whilst on the last Capone's (Philly) trip, I stopped at the Whole Foods that is right on the way to the entrance to the PA turnpike. It was 10.99 for a mix a six out the door with a bunch being from breweries that I had not heard of before. This is a very good Maibock, very fresh...going to have to find some more from these folks

2) Williamsburg Ale Werks - Chesapeake Pale Ale - 5.3% - Nice pale ale I guess other than it is thick and cloudy!
That was 680. Should have enough for 700 in house by the end of the week. Not sure how I am going to approach or survive this!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Heading to the Get Real NY Cask fest. Decided to buy a couple of these for the train ride, then realized I haven't reviewed it. Hopefully will have some good pictures to post.

1) Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale 5.6% - The Grand Daddy of them all! Crisp clear and refreshing. A good way to get in the mood for a beer festival.

2) Terrapin - Big Daddy Vlady's Russian Imperial Stout - 10.25% Big Beer - Smoth coffe and chocolate flavor. Good sunday morning eye opener!

3) Allentown Brew Works - Hop'solutely - 11% - It says that this is a triple IPA. A little too syrupy for my tastes. Alchohol is very present.

4) De Struise Brouwers - Panneport Reserva 2008 10.0% - Very tasty quad actually one of the best that I have had.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Saint Patrick's Week Beer review!

Uh oh...nothing good can come of this...

1) Beer Here - Dark Hops 8.5% - This might be the best of the Dark IPA's I've had, Floral nose then, coffe and chocolate. Very well balanced!

2) Full Sail IPA - 6.0% - I think these American IPA's are the way to go. Very tasty but with a little of the bite that you would want. Bet you couldn't get one at the White House!

3) Eel River - Extra Pale Ale - Organic, wanted to like it, border line drain pour.

4) Full Sail - Black Gold - 11.4% Bourbon Bareel Aged - Blah, Blah, Blah and yet....the bourbon is there in the nose with a huge finish of vanilla at the end. This beer is worth going to NYC for.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Went on a little road trek to the Philly suburbs to go to the great Capone's. As a result of this trip. There is a big shakeup in the bracket (courtesy of March) as to what will be the 700th beer tasted and reviewed. I give the timing on this several weekends but most likely around the second week of April. Kind of fitting ain't it.

1) Port Brewing - Mongo IPA - 8.5% Growler from Capone's. Every beer geek should be privileged to go see Matt. Great beer that I picked up via growler! Where can you get this in CT (answer my crib!).

2) Bells Brewery - Hopslam - DIPA - 10% - Most likely not as fresh as I would have liked but still outstanding. You still get the floral and citrus taste but this is brewed with honey, so the backbone is very interesting with the malty sweetness. Again, thanks Capone's!

3) Flying Fish - Hoppy Scarlet Ale - Exit 9 - Hoppy Scarlet Ale - In honor of Rutgers exit 9 New Bruswick (No Don Imus Comments). Very fresh and hoppy! The Gator likes this hidden 9% not syrupy or pungent. This works.

4)White Birch - Belgina IPA 9.1% Tasty except I thought it was Scotch Ale! Not kiiding on this, the bottle date was February this year! oh Well!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Alright Back to the Beer

1) Unibroue - Maudite - Belgian Strong Ale - 8% I can drink this all day except it would kill me this is outstanding.

Continuing on with the insanity....let's go Huskies!

2) The Lost Abbey - Avant Garde Ale - 7.0% - Farm House Ale - I really like the champagne yeast taste here. Damn California would be great to live in because of the beer except but the economy sucks!

3) Lakefront Brewery Inc - IBA (Black IPA) - 6.5% Man this is the new style (Black IPA)...keep 'em coming!

Since the Huskies are on a roll gonna continue wit this thread.

4) Ithaca Brewing - Ground Break - 6.0% Another very good Farmhouse ale. Really getting in to the style. Crystal Clear with tat nice bready funkiness!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Olivia Grace My New Niece

Grandma is at the bottom

Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Gotta post a picture of my new growler shortly.

1)Captain Lawrence - Winter Rye - 5.0% - Had this at the brewery and thought it was outstanding but this seems a little weak. Hopefully my new growler didn't malfunction. May have to do extensive testing!

2) Captain Lawrence - 5 Years Later - 10% - I think my experience from above was because these Kegs are a couple of weeks old. This is an Amercain Black Ale (steady Alfred) and is part of this new Black IPA rage. Still very tasty. Picked up a few bottles at the brewery and am going to pick up a few more as these will age very well.

3) Stone Brewing - Old Guardian - Belgo - 12% - Great a Belgian Style Barleywine at this ABV. Very tasty.

4) Clipper City Brewing - Black Cannon - Black IPA 7.25% - Wow Black IPa's are all the rage righ now. I do like the style!

5) Left Hand Brewing - Wake up Dead Barrel Aged Imperial Stout - 10.2% - High on the alochol low on the taste. Way too thin. Where is the body!