Saturday, August 7, 2010

Atom Bomb Beer review!

No not Adam bombed MC provides some good thoughts and my final take on the Obama birther nonsense is this....his body may have been born in America but his mind and beliefs weren't.

1) Sixpoint Old Krusher - Barleywine 10.4% - This is very do have to admire a bunch of psychos who release a barleywine in the summer! Growler fill via Decicco's

2) 21st Amendment - Back in Black IPA...too watery!

3) Sixpoint Signal - Released in July and this was the second growler from Decicco's. Very crisp light and refreshing. Not sure of the style though.

4) Boaks Monster Mash - 10% RIS - Say this has a lot of hops. Not sure where they are but this is a nice beer. Chocolate and malts dominate as would be expected. This was part of the Oak Tree haul which will be slowly whittled down!

5) Boaks Double BW - Too lemony!

6) New Holland - Envious 7.5% - Beer brewed with pears and rasberries. Too weird!

7) Dogfish Head - Bitches Brew - 9.0% - Brewed in honor of Miles Davis's album. Never heard the album and not that interested in it but this is a very good beer. Nice smooth stout...I guess that is what the music is supposed to symbolize.

8)Rogue - St. Rogue Red Ale - 5.1% Dry hopped. Interesting balance with the hops and malts. Malty nose but the hops jump at the taste.