Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

I think I am somewhat over over quarter end crunch. A bit shellshocked for a number of reasons. Anyway went up to the Delaney's chili cookoff for a couple of hours this afternoon. F**k the chili bring on the beer! They had a nice little sampling going on with a number of good tents. New England BC was there, Stone, Magic Hat had something dinkable, Bru Room had a nice stout. When I was at the Governors Island Fest a couple of weeks back I saw a bunch of people walking around with strings around their necks that had pretzels on them. I thought they were idiots until it dawned on me today that this was to cleanse the palate. If I ever do this, Adam, Gator & Matt are obligated to pummel me. Alfred is obligated to nuke me!

Actually though to go on a bit of a rant, do you want to know how to reduce this country's carbon footprint (and I am serious), eliminate these mailings in no particular order, 1) Solicitations for donations from political candidates, 2) Publishers Clearing House Mailings and 3) Credit Card Solicitations!

1) Lagunitas - Undercover Shutdown Ale - 9.2% - Will add the link in at some point in time (maybe not!) - On growler from DeCicco's very nice...malty but a nice balance of tropical falveors...where is the alchohol!

2) Meantime - IPA - 7.5% - Classic English IPA...I prefer its American Cousin but this is very good. Picked this up at a little whole in the wall on W4th street, corner of MacDougal. They provide a nice IPA history link as well.

3) RJ Rockers - Fish Paralyzer 7.5% A Belgian Style pale ale from South Carolina? Not bad!

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