Saturday, August 21, 2010

Birthday Weekend Beer Review!

Went on a growler filling bonanza today. I have already reviewed two of these (Southern Tier 2x IPA and New England Brewing Ghandi Bot. It is going to be a hoppy weekend!

1) Speakasy - Betrayal - 9.2% - American Red Ale - 32 oz Growler fill from Decicco's. Nice way to start the Hops explosion! Balanced and tasty. The sweetness really complements the Piny Hops! By the way this is number 490 reviewed!


mc said...

Very cool, and, again, Happy/Hoppy Birthday Bud!!

We are in such dire need of legions of fine Americans such as yourself.

Do you know if Cavalry fills growlers?

I had some at My Place last night and it was good.

Also had my first Oktoberfest of the year, and it was yummy.

alfred said...

it's only August ya drunken mick!

Adam said...

Easy there, Alfred. Perhaps this old post will shed some light on the true meaning of Oktoberfest.

Jimmy said...

I trhought I would be "duly rebuked' for reviewing only one beer this weekend! That said

1) Calvary Brewing - Call them before hand to get a growler fill.

2) What album has the repartee' that includes "duly rebuked"?

Adam said...

You must refer to the "Live" album with the story about a girl guide who was seduced by an old engine driver.

Jimmy said...

Kew Adam would get it!