Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekend Beer review!

Well I did go to Zum's yesterday. Had a good strong beer called Schneider Aventinus. Pretty sure you can buy this locally. What did me in was a Six Point Gorilla Warfare Coffee Porter at the East Village Tavern. That said....

1) Brew Dog - Paradox Glen Grant - 10% - Imperial Stout Aged in a former Glen Grant Cask. Would have expected this to be much stronger based on the ABV as well as being aged in Scotch Casks. Nice but maybe since the best by date (12/12/09) had gone by, this wasn't at its peak.

By the way got to 99 Bottles in East Norwalk. This is well worth a visit and the owners says he wants to cater to the craft brew crowd, so he should be supported!

In other news I think the Gator is making a run to Table & Vine today. Will be interested in a report.

2) Gubna IPA Oskar Blues 10% - Probabaly one of the better DIPA's I've had. Long live the can!

3) Rogue - Imperial Red - 7.oz Pony Bottles of craft beer! - I like this nice hoppiness. Supposedly 9%. Way too drinkable. The knockout punch next!

4) Stone Brewing - Double Bastard - 10.5% - Have had this before but have never reviewed. This is a great beer (all malt). I like Stone in general and I like the diatribes they go on on their bottles. "Ye shall know the bastard and the bastard shall set you free." Good night!

5) Goose Island - Demolition 7.2% - Belgian Pale Ale. Nice light golden color. I like the mix of the banana tasting yeast with a strong hop presence. I think this is probably one of the better breweries in the country. Ommegang just came out with a BPA of its own, Can't wait to try.

6) Smuttynose Barleywine Style Ale - 7.0 % - Nice hazy brown. Very Rich caramel flavor nicely balanced by a sharp hoppy bite. Very good!

7) The Bruery Rugbrod - dark Rye ale. Just got this in!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Government, Global Warming & the Census

With Health Care getting all the buzz lately was just wondering about the following. About 2 weeks ago I got a letter from the US Government telling me to expect my census in the mail in a week. They happily reminded me that a response was mandatory. I then received the census which I filled out noting on the instructions that my response was mandatory. Today I received a card in the mail reminding me to fill out my census (yep my response is mandatory). Does this seem like it is an effective and efficient use of time & natural resources. Better yet do you want these folks in charge of brain surgery?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend Beer Review!

Went to Table and Vine today and picked up several tasty treats as well as one (kind of) rarity. Picked up a bottle of the Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Ale which I look forward to trying. This review is going to start off with a hoppy theme and then is going to go schizo!

1) Brew Dog - bashah - Black IPA - 8.6% - Dark IPA - Didn't get this at T&V (actually got it in CT. Very dark & bold. Malt is definitely there though. Kind of a hoppy stout! Was hoping to find tactical nuclear penguin today but no luck.

2) Founders Brewing - Double Trouble - 9.4% - This can't be 9.4%. It is one of the smoothest IPA's I've had. Really like this! A trip to Grand Rapids may be close!

3) Mikkeller - Tomahawk Single Hop IPA 6.9% ABV - Great beer - Actually this is what beer should be with the balance of taste and ABV. I missed their event at the Tiger.... my loss.

4) Weihenstephaner - Vitus - 7.7% - Purity Law 1516. Enough said!

5) Smuttynose Wheat Wine Ale- 10.20% - Or the beer I'm drinking when America became France! Not quite sure of the difference betwixt (I had to use that!) and a Barley Wine. This is a bit harsh which I like and the color is a nice orange. The alcohol is very present. Need to cellar one of these.

6) - South Hampton - Cuvee' des Fleurs - 8.2% Very nice light for the ABV.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

Starting early today. I have no hopes of a walk today so what the hell! Picked up some interesting treats this week including one that I am learning about from my beer Yoda - Adam! That said I am starting off relative easily and am going to ramp up this bad boy like a Toyota accelerator!

1) Strangford Lough - St. Patrick's Best Ale - 4.2% - Not sure to put this as a domestic or import as this is brewed in Rochester (DRINK) from Irish ingredients. Hell it's my blog & my liver so I am calling it an import. Very nice English bitter. I get wary about things with the St. Patrick's label (or other Irish things) but this is good. I got a friend request on Facebook from the US rep for this beer and accepted it. That's why I bought this and I'm glad I did.

Time to hit the gas pedal!

2) Stone Brewing - Old Guardian Barley Wine Style Ale 11.1% - Saw this at Mo's last weekend. I know I have had this but it wasn't on my reviewed list so hey fair game. Was over at the beer room at Whole Foods on the Bowery and picked up a 2009 vintage. The one at Mo's was 2010 so thanks to Whole Foods for aging one for me. Thick pour rich copper color...Very mild given the ABV. Think I am going to get a 2010 one to go with the 2009 for a vertical in about a year or two! Or....when their new Russian Imperial Stout comes out I can make one hell of a black & tan!

3) North Coast Brewing - Brother Thelonius - Belgian style Abbey Ale - I hate it when brewery's make me spell big names like this....but this is a great brew. I had two mildly disappointing dubbels last week. This fills in nicely!

4) Mikkeller - Amarillo Single Hop IPA - 6.9% - This reminds me of a good west coast IPA in that the hops have that noice citrus flavor. Very nice beer. They have other single hop versions that I am going to give a try. By the way e-mailed the brewer and got a response back. I think I have a problem!

5) Stoudts - Fat Dog - Imperial Oatmeal Stout -9.0% - Not sure why I haven't tried this brewer before as it is reasonably plentiful in CT. Went to an event at the Tiger last Wednesday where their beers were featured and had their barleywine. This is a very sweet stout. Almost a milk stout except for the ABV. This is a very good beer and I look forward to trying some more of their offerings!

6) Hoppin Frog - Barrel Aged Boris the Crusher - 9.4% - I've had the regular version now the barrel aged version! Very good beer. I like the extra bite from the Bourbon barrels. Hopefully Hop Dam comes east soon.

7) Geary's - Imperial IPA - 8.2% - Too malty. Not that good

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Beer Review Continues!

Figured I'd start a new thread after that upper Westchester sojurn of the other day.

1) The Lost Abbey - Lost and Found Ale - Brewed with Raisins 8% ABV - Nice Dubbel offering, good not great. I liked their Gift of the Magi better. Do have to say though that the 8% is pretty well masked. This is the last of the Table & Vine haul. I think another trip will be coming up in the not so distant future.

2) Captain Lawrence - Birra DeCicco's - ABV??? - Dubbel. I love DeCicco's great place to go for beer you can't get in CT. as well as growler fills. Captain Lawrence has one of my favorite DIPA's. That nothing special.

3) Otter Creek Imperial IPA - 11% obviously a big beer. The march to 400 moves dangerously on!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

Have a lot of treats and plan on going to DeCicco's to get the beer brewed for them by Captain Lawrence!

1) Weihenstephan - Weihenstephaner - Original Premium 5.1% - Mmmmm Purity law of 1516. Very good beer of course from the worlds oldest brewery. Surprised it is this good as it is probably pretty much massed produced. Excellent way to start the weekend.

2 Clipper City Brewing - Siren Noire - Imperial Chocolate Stout - 8.0% - Very Solid Chocolate stout offering. I like Pirates (there was a picture of one on the bottle)!

3)Peekskill Brewery - Vanilla Bourbon Stout - Did a little bit of a trip from DeCicco's and stopped off at this place. Nice little brew pub on the banks of the Hudson. Hopefully have some pictures up tomorrow. Very sweet milk stout. Would have expected this to be stronger with Bourbon in the title, but het whatever. Worth the little detour

National Buzzard Day!

Is March 16th (I guess). To honor the day the Spring Street Lounge (aka Shark Bar) is having A National Buzzard Day IPA event!. The list of brewers looks real good. Unfortunately though on the 16th I will be performing my civic duty and will be unable to attend.

I can picture MC at this with his assortment of unique cutlery digging in to a buzzard drumstick!