Friday, October 22, 2010

Let's get America back beer review!

1) Uinta - Detour DIPA - Picked this up whilst in New York State. Nice orange color...nice head, carbonation no issue. Wow grapefruit and other citrus ready to go in for the dive! Smooth, sharp and a very sweet finish. Very good beer, have had Uinta's barleywine before but not this series. Will have more coming. Well done.

2) Coney Island Geektoberfest - Growler from Decicco's.... Also had this on tap at the Spring Street lounge. Interesting beer the sours from the Captain Lawrence offering really come through (you can always tell the Captain Lawrence trademark taste). The finish is definitely the brown ale (Ithaca) not sure where the Coney Island piece fits in to this but that is ok. I like this and would definitely buy again. Would like to know the ABV though because it does seem to be a sipper!

3) Nogne - Sunturnbrew - 11% - Smoked barleywine brewed annually for the winter solstice. Guess this is last years verion. Like the smokiness with the malty dates & plums taste.

4) Sierra Nevada Estate - Home Grown Wet Hop 6.7% - I swore I would never deal with a bottle that was wax sealed...but this was certainly worth it. I used methods top open this that would have made MC nervous! Nice orange color full head. Getting the hops.... Nice citrus flavor, grapefruit, tangerine no piney bitterness. Medium carbonation, smooth. SN comes through again, a little more than the Pale Ale a litlle less than the Torpedo. These guys have has a great 30th Anniversary!

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