Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Midweek Beer Review!

Encompassing Tues, Wednes...oh well!

1) Sam Adams - White Ale...this might be the Sam Adams review...very light and lemony. You could dring this all day. Have a field trip to Boston planned in January...may make a pilgramage!

2) Some more Sam - Winter Lager - About 5% - Roasted maltiness, spicy...really like this (What I really like is buying a 12 pack that gives me 6 beers closer to 600). Anyway this was 555 assuming my spreadsheet is accurate. I have 28 not yet reviewed in house.

3) Even Some more Sam - Old Fezziwig - 5.9% - Might be may favorite SA brew, Spicey and malty with a little more of a cinnamon/lemon (hops I guess) kick at the end. What distinguishes it from the Winter Lager is the chocolate undertones. Very enjoyable!

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