Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Obama's a punk edition!

1) Stoudts - Heifer in Wheat - Hefeweizen - 5% - Nice variety on the style. Get the cloves, banana...pretty tasty. May have one more new one tonight but going on a growler extravaganza tomorrow.

2) Thomas Hooker - Watermelon Ale - 4.5% - Took a trip to the brewery today, nice little pace. Tasty ale....the watermelon flavor works!

3) City Steam - Innocence Ale - 6.0% - Nice American IPA....I can forsee many more growler trips in the up coming days!

4) Smuttynose - Homunculus - Belgian IPA - 9.9% - Interesting beer with the clovey spiciness and the hops. The label is quite strange with a bunch of people's faces on sperms.

5) Ommegang Aphrodite - 8.9% - Raspberry ale - Tart...Kool aid for adults!

6) Dogfish Head Black & Blue- Nice Blueberry 10% I'm done!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mid Week Beer Review!

1) Sixpoint Triple Sweet Action 13.0% , Pours a nice orange color with a fluffy white head. Nice lacing. Very citrusy was not expecting this from a strong ale.Overall, glad I had a chance to try. Sixpoint normally throws out some of their bigger beers in the summer (Crusher). The alchohol is very well hidden if it is 13%. Would buy again.

2) Mad River - Double Dread - 8.6% - Imperial Red Ale - Obviously malty, still a ice beer! This will age well.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Yankee Stadium Unplugged!

Or something like that. The old place without that stadium, just a field. Kind of nice.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Wow, I'm late this weekend. Yankee game yesterday...too hot Friday.

1) Sierra Nevada - Ovila Saison - 7% - Nice american take on the style. A bit too light though, bring on the phenolics. I think they are doing a Trippel next.

2) Park & Bellheimer AG - Valentins Weibier - 5.3% - Hefeweizen - Tasty but a bit light. Time to pull out the heavy hitters!

3) Flossmoor Station - Collaborative Evil - 10% - Belgian Ale brewed with spices. You have to like a beer that's label is a Skeleton holding a chalice. The skeleton has horns coming out of his head and a pentagram on his forehead. Oh yeah the beer is good too.

3) Flossmoor Station - Brewers Whim IPA - I was cursing the wax on the cap. Almost cut my finger off but when I checked the listings on BA The wax coverings meant different styles of IPA. Nice...cheating my way to 900 (beer is good as well). Gold Wax = Pretty Big IPA.

4) Flossmoor Station - Dark Green Wax - IPA for Change - How's that Hopey Changey stuff working for ya! Good beer though!

5) Flossmoor Station - Gray Wax - Diesel Rellik - Nice way to finish the weekend!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

F**k your peas Mr. President, I'm drinking beer!

1) 3 Floyds - Rabbid Rabbit - 9.0% - One of the better Saisons I've had. A little muted to the taste, but still fulfills!

2) Jonas Broncks Beer Co - Woodlawn Weiss - About 5% or so. Named after the most northern part of the Bronx. This is a nice very drinkable Weiss which I think is contract brewed in Connecticut. Company does have a great logo....looking forward to more!

3) New England Brewing - Alpha Weizen - This may be a Weiss dominated beer review! Pours a nice cloudy yellow with a very puffy head, nice lacing. Smell - A bit lemony, certainly not very strong. Taste- You can get a bit of the cloves, but this beer is very nicely slightly hoppy. Wasn't expecting that but the brewer said they were going for something different. It is different and that is a good thing! Glad I had a chance to try this. Very nice summer brew.

4)Two Brothers - Askew - 6.5% as sour as the come. This easily compares with the Russian river sours. I like!

5) Weyerbacher 16 - Braggot - 10.5% - Interesting spicey flavor. Certainly get the honey no hops to speak of. More of a winter beer!

6) De Struise - Outblack - 10% - Weird beer, chocolate and spearmint? Not sure what they are going to. Still might buy again and put a bottle away.

7) Berkshire Brewing Co. Saint of Circumstance IPA - 5.7% Very tasty English IPA. These guys really should put some freshness dates on their bottles (not that this isn't fresH

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

1) Brooklyn Brewey, Concoction - 7.0% Obtained via growler, poured into a pint glass.
This is a weird beer, gotta love it though. Nice amber with a medium head, get a lot of ginger lemon and smokiness, did I come up with a new recipe for barbecue sauce?
This is Garret's White Album. Please do this again.

2) Founders - Blushing Monk - 9.2% - Belgian Style ale brewed with raspberries. Tasty and interesting. Alcohol is very well hidden. This could be habit forming!

3) Wandering Star - Mild at Heart - 4.3% - English Dark Mild ale. Nice beer very easily drinkable. Nice roasted maltiness. This is a brewery founded by Alex Hall of Gotham Imbiber fame!

4) Three Floyds - Behemoth - 10.5% - A lot of caramel also get the hops a beast!

5) Rogue - 75th Anniversary Ale - XX - 7.6% - American Strong Ale - A little light on the palate. Alcohol does kick in at the end! Well done.

6) Lagunitas - Lucky 13.alt - So apparently they released a secon anniversary of their thirteenth anniversary ale. Last year it was a red (red haired model) this year a blonde. Tasty german old beer. I have been lacking on Lagunitas reviews and need to catch up!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hot Summer Night Beer Review!

It's hot and I want a beer(s)!

1) New Glarus - Moon Man - No Coast Pale Ale - 5% - Nice dry almost grassy taste followed up with a little biscuity malt. Little grapefruit sneaks in as well. Pale ales are nothing to sneeze at.

2) 3 Floyds - Apocalypse Cow - 9.5% - Interesting beer, a double IPA (great citrus notes) balanced with the addition of Lactose Milk Sugar. Have had milk stouts before where I guess they do the same thing and I really like them. There saying is their beer in "not normal". It is not....kind of like an orange creme cicle for adults!

3) Fort Collins - Wheat Wine Ale - 9.3% - Ah a summer barleywine! - Sweet wheat flavor, light bubblegum and a little spice. No hops to speak of. Less malty than a barleywine, but when it is humid outside this can sneak up on you.

4) Captain Lawrence - Birra DeCicco - Limone Luppolo 6% - Full throttle summer beer love the lemons. Need to pick up a growler fill to get this bad boy on draft!

Friday, July 1, 2011

4th of July Beer Review!

My favorite holiday. Already called MC, figure he'll call back on the 4th at about 10pm to want to know what's up!

1) Bells Brewery - Third Coast Old Ale - 10.2% - American Barleywine - I like the english style better (no hops). Glad to have tried this although I think we on the east coast can get something like this as it is akin to a Bigfoot, but hey that's the way the summer season goes!

2) Kelso of Brooklyn - Flemish Red - 5.5% - Tasty red, not quite as sour as some others of this style, which makes it emminently drinkable and refershing on a nice hot summer day!

3) 3 Floyds - Robert the Bruce 6.5% - nice kind of lighter scotch ale. No overpowering malt taste. To be enjoyed!

4) Three Floyds - Alpha King - Great american apa!

5) Sixpoint - Hops of Love 6.7% - Very good American IPA. I like Sixpoint and I generally like things from Brooklyn anyway. This needs to be in a nano-keg!

6) Southern Tier - Euro Trash Pilz - 5.5% - Very nice, very easy drinking czech pilsner. Could easily drink this all day!

7) 21st Amendment - Hop Crisis 9.7% - Very nice DIPA, should be a year round beer!

8) Bells - Batch 9000 - Old Ale 12.5% - Licorice and big beer happy fourth!

9) Fort Collins - The Incredible Hop - I think this is about 9%. Nice malts with the hops. Good night!