Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas Beer Review

Can you say Christmas on the Internet? I'll probably get sued by Obama's FCC for net neutrality or something. Anyway came across a new (for me) acronymn....DONG...which stands for Draft Only No Growlers. You heard it here first folks.

1) Harpoon Leviathan Barleywine Style Ale - 10% - A bit thin, maybe a bit too hoppy. Didn't get that plum or raisin type taste.

Re-installed office today and my beer list tracker is now operational. Hopefully can begin the count down to 600 on Christmas eve or so.

3) Iron Hill - Russian Imperial Stout - 9.5% - Nice and creamy with a lot of chocolate and coffee taste. Can't wait to make another PA run!

Nice numbering scheme.

4) The Bruery - Three French Hens - Belgian Style Dark Ale 10% - Third (obviously) in the epic vertical series that these folks are doing. Had Two Turtle Dove's last year (did not cellar). Bought one of these for cellaring and one for drinking. Tasty, sweet, more sweet (sugar taste) than the plum, toffee sweetness I would have expected. Wonder what this might be like in 9 years (assuming I survive this hobby!)

5) Founders - Backwoods Bastard - 10.2% - Says it's a Scotch Ale. Aged in bourbon barrels. Don't get the real scotch ale taste here as this is lighter and I think I am detecting some vanilla here. This is beer 591. Would expect a countdown shortly.

6) Bells Brewery - 25th Anniversaty Ale - 8.5% - Nice American Strong Ale - Fruity beer (DADT!), extremely drinkable. Part of the Capones (Philly) haul!

7) Founders - Imperial Stout - 10.5% - I love Founders Beer and wish it would come to CT. I've had the Breakfast Stout. I've had Kentucky Breakfast stout and I've had Canadian Breakfast Stout. This might be the best of it's more famous cousins. Outstanding!

8) Green Flash - West Coast IPA 7.3% - Nice little hop bomb before Christmas Eve dinner.

9) Cavalry Brewing - Nomad Stout - About 5% or so. Smokey Session Stout. Glad to see more breweries in Connecticut. City Steam is also botteling!

Let the Countdown begin!


Adam said...

I've not heard the term, but I've been denied growler fills on some of the bigger brews. Up here for instance, Mendocino will not fill me up with Talon barley wine, but will give unlimited (ok, haven't really "tested" that extreme)samples.

Jimmy said...

Wilimantic Brewing does the same with its barleywine, Whammer!

mc said...

Would "DING" suffice for "Draft Including Growlers?"