Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weekend Beer Review

OK so I have to work this issue there as I am still going to be able to pull off a little "growlering" this weekend.....hopefully closing the gap to 1000 before year end!

1) Ithaca Beer Company - Cold Front - Belgian Amber Ale - 7.2% - Not sure what causes the spiciness here but I also get a really nice dry-hopped taste. Would definitely buy again.

2) Widmer Brothers - Brrr - 7.2% - First Winter Warmer of the season...Very tasty the shocker with this brew is that it is a little hoppier then one might expect. Widmer is a brewer that doesn't get the props it deserves.

3) Samuel Adams - The Vixen - Chocolate Chili Bock - 8.5% - The Chili is in the form of cinnamon I guess....but I really like this beer....will be stocking up shortly. Batch number 1. This is a great beer beer from the godfather of brewers!

4) Sam Adams - Third Voyage - Double IPA - 8.0% - Liked the one above. Not really a DIPA here!

5) Clipper City/Heavy Seas - Greater Pumpkin - 9.0% - Bourbon barrel aged pumpkin ale...great...not too bad though...I am voting for a bourbon barrel aged pumpkin filling for a pie for Thanksgiving!

6) Kelso Brewing = Industrial IPA I think it's 9% done!

I think I may add a section called Monday addendum after the usual incoherent final Sunday review.

7) Clown Shoes - Lubrication - 6% - This brand has made it to Westchester...used to have to get this in Massachusetts. This is a tasty American Black Ale, which I consider more of a black IPA given the hops presence.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Canadian Breakfast Stout

The number three beer in the world per beer advocate. Lifted my review from the site directly.

Picked up at Deciccos - Ardsley poured into a tulip glass.

A) Murky brown with a nice tan head. Medium lacing.

S) Chocolate and some light cofee notes.

T) Wow, get the maple up front followed up by the coffee and chocolate. The bourbon finishes this one.

M) Silky smooth.

This beer is outstanding. I know I am not breaking any new ground there. What suprises me is the drinkability. While you do get the bourbon notes at the end, it is not overwhelming but complimentary. Hopefully this becomes more widely available in the future.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Think I am going to have a special stand alone one tomorrow. Anyway, here goes!

1) Sixpoint - Six Point-Decicco Session IPA - 5.1% - This is a very sessionable IPA, nice hops, a little floral, a little malt. Good beer to get the weekend going on.

2) Sixpoint - Gemini - 10.0% Actually nice DIPA - good night!

Adding a couple more from Monday as this weekends reviews were kind of lame.

3) Otter Creek - Twentieth Anniversary Ale - 12.0% Obviously a big beer. Not sure what they were going for as this is excessively sweet. Considering cellaring a few bottles.

4) Maine Beer Company - Zoe 7.2% - I think Nugget Nectar now has a run for its money. This is a beautifully hoppy amber ale. Nice caramel malts compliment a hop heads jones. Freshness date 09.20.11! Well done.

5) Clown Shoes - Muffin Top - Belgian Style Tripel IPA - Great 10% - Man this is tasty, the bready malts are really jazzed up with the American Hops. This is a fantastic beer. Gald they distribute to NY now.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rebounding Beer Review!

1) Innis & Gunn - Rum Cask Oak Aged Beer - 7.4% Tasty Ale...I'm guessing the rum barrel is a dark spicey rum and not a clear one. This works!

2) Innis & Gunn - Winter Beer 2011 - 7.4% Another tasty beer....the Rum Cask may get into a more frequent rotation though!

3) Allagash - Victor - 9.0% - Belgian Strong Pale Ale - kind of a Saison...

4) Allagash - Victoria - Belgian Strong Pale Ale - 9.0% - Not sure of the difference to the above, but it brings me one more step to my goal to hit 1000 before the end of the year! It is very tasty too.

I know there is a bunch of Allagash posts (next one coming up). Victor/Victoria were not on my Excel spreadsheet. Neither was Fluxus (this style changes by year). I must have been drunk while I was posting!

4) Allagash - Fluxus 2011 - 8.0% So apparrently this beer is different every year. The tracking system (and my liver) says thanks. You get the spiciness but there is some nice caramel malt mixed in. An Allagash run may be in the works.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Portsmouth Beer Review!

1) Portsmouth Brewery - Dirty Blonde - 4.5% - Kind of weak.....This is for the Budweiser Crew!

2) Portsmouth Brewer - Alt Bier 5.5% - Now we get the taste. This might be one of the lower ABV beers that I have had!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pre New Hampshire Beer Review!

Doing a quick overnite visit to the Portsmouth Brewery ....hopefully bring back some tasty treats for the drive to 1000 (I am a little less than 80 away). Wonder if I can do this before the end of 2011!

1) Saranac - Irish Red 4.5% - No head, small notes of toffee, no hops to speak of. Easily drinkable. Might pick some more up some day!

2) Thomas Hooker - American Pale Ale - 5.4% I have never seen a brewer get more divergent reviews. Some beers are considered world class...and others ehhh. This is one of the ehhh's

3) Long Trail - Triple Bag - 9.4% - This apparently is just recently released in bottles, it was only available at the brewery. This is pretty tasty, more like a Belgian Dubbel to me. I need to do a vermont road trip.

4) Ommegang - 2011 Belgian Independence Day 6.5% - Thanks DeCicco's for the growler. Don't really get the usual funkiness. Brewed with white pepper the spec's said. I get the spice with a little lemon zest at the end. More of a summer beer!

5) Sixpoint - Autumnation - 6.8% - Kind of a weird (but good beer)get the yeast up front with a hoppy wetness to follow. Not bad!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Quick hook for Nova....time to work my magic once again!

1) Lagunitas - Bavarian Styled Doppel Weizen - 9.0% - Big time banana and spicy taste. Easily drinkable. Lagunitas is under appreciated they brew great beer at a reasonable price. Well done!

2) Southport Brewing C0 - Sasco Hill Pale Ale - ? ABV - Wanted to get a growler today but really didn't want to travel to far (That's for tomorrow) so I went here. This is a nice beer extremely drinkable....lightly hoppy and bitter. Joined their VIP club and the guy charged my $17 for two pints and a 64oz growler....not a bad deal!

3) The Bruery Snicklefritz - Complex Triple

Well that was a great review....went down to DeCicco's today and picked up a bottle of the number 3 beer in the world (per Beer Advocate) Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout. Biggest in person rare haul ever!

4) Ayinger - Oktoberfest Marzen - 5.8% - Pretty damn tasty. I am not a big October Fest fan but I like this one. Think I am going to limit my October Fest purchases to German Brewers.

5) The Peekskill Brewery - Hop Common - 5.0% - Right at the Hudson River...beautiful day to be down there...This tastes a bit stronger than the published ABV. Tasty beer need to get there more

6) Abita - Vanilla Double Dog - ABV 7.0% - You got to like a stout with vanilla...great desert beer. Done for the day

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A.J. Burnett Beer Review!

Keeping my fingers crossed!

1) Anchor Brewing - Brekles Brown - 6.0% - Nice Brown Ale supposedly has the hop Citra in it. Not sure where that is. Very sweet and very fresh. Glad I had the chance to try this!

Let's go Yankees!

Well we continue!

2) Saranac IPA - Kind of a nice IPA wish it wasn't so malty!