Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

Starting early.....little road trip tomorrow!

1) Abita 8% - Doesn't really have that spiciness that one would associate it a bock but this is very good. Alchohol masked very nicely!

2) The Lost Abbey - Inferno Ale - 8.5% - Strong Belgian Ale - Wow outstanding!

Went to Oaktree Wine and Spirits in South Plainfield New Jersey. Outstanding store and Outstanding Service. They will have fueled the weekend beer review for at least several more weeks!

3) Sebago Brewing - Milestone Ale - Amercian Strong Ale - 9.2% - Wow different this is like a hoppy scotch ale. This is a different brew and is obviously the one to have whilst beginning a little beer walk in 100 degree heat!

4) Allagash Tripel - 9.0% - The Gator was right...this is a great bear. Think I've had the Tripel Reserve (not yet reviewed)....oh Well!

5) Alesmith Grand Cru - 10.0% - Best beer of the day hands down. I can't get over what I think is the distinct grape flavor here.

6) Pretty Things - American Darling - Good Time Lager 7.0% - Was going to say I found the perfect session beer but I may need to rethink that based on the ABV. Crisp, clean refreshing. A pleasure to drink!

7) The Lost Abbey - Devotion Ale - 6.25% - Belgian Pale Ale - Very nice Lost Abbey offering...great pre noon beer. Time to go cook out! (Well might sneak in another!)
This was beer number 460 on my list. I need to do some serious travelling to get to 500!

8) Fouders Brewing - Devil Dancer - Triple IPA 12.0% Wow I need a nap! This like a Dogfish 105! I may banish one of these to the cellar to calm down!

9) Terrapin Hopsecutioner - IPA - I think I've gone past Adam depth. Great beer. Hops rule!

10) Harpoon IPA - Just trying to add to the total but a nice beer none the less!

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