Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekend Beer Review!

1) Uinta - Cockeyed Cooper - Bourbon Barrel Aged Barley Wine - 11.0% - Is a Barleywine aged in bourbon barrels necessary, Apparently so! Very tasty this one will knock you out!

We temporarily interrupt this beer review for the Brazen Head's Cask Ale Festival!

Back, hopefully MC is too. he took some great photos as always...look for them.

2) - Full Sail - Wreck the Halls - Hoppy Holiday Ale 6.5% - Ok a bit bitter for my taste....will tough it out though!

3) The Bruery - Autumn Maple - 10% - Belgian Strong Dark Ale - Man I think they put in everything plus the kitchen sink, molasses, spices & yams! The molasses taste dominates, very tasty, may get another bottle for Thanksgiving to have with mincemeat or pumpkin pie.

4) Pretty Things - Once upon a time - KK - 7.8% - I've had their beers before. What they are trying to do (according to them) is recreate beers from the past. I guess somone does some research and away they go. Link is directly to this beer. This is a very dark beer, the malt and chocolate are becked up by a nice dry bitter hops. Very interesting. Seems like this is a series. Looking forward to more!

5) Southern Tier pumking - 9.0% - a nutmeg bomb....very tasty.

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