Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July (All American) beer review!

Just got back from New York. The excitement began when the train I was on caught on fire and had to stop in Stamford! It is an expensive cab ride to BPT.

1) - Mendocino - Imperial IPA 7.5% - Very similar to a DFH 90. Nose is of Apricot and caramel. Hops are very bitter no citrus flavors noted. Glad I tried it but may not go back to it again.

Sitting here listening to the group "X" and their tune "4th of July" it's a great tune. I've listened to this song on this day for years.

2) Southern Tier - Imperial Farmers Tan Pale Lager - 9.0% - Nice little sipping beer very clean and crisp. Alcohol content is very deceptive!

3) Captain Lawrence - Smoke from the Oak - Smoked Porter aged in wine barrels. I like their smoked porter. This is a bit over the top. Stick to the basics!

4) Avery 17th Anniversary - Black Lager - Yum! Malty and dry hopped. I know I'm fading fast!

5) Belgica - Great Divide - Belgian IPA - 7.2% - Too watery!

6) Stone Brewing Emperial IPA - 8.9% Best beer of the day hands down. Happy 4th!