Friday, June 18, 2010

Real Sports don't allow ties beer review!

Let ROW be primitive.

1) Stoudts - Double IPA - I really like this. Says it's 10% on BA. Very tasty (I know lame review)

2) The Lost Abbey - Judgement Day Ale 10.5% - Fresh back from the NYC Brewfest which was outstanding. Have some pix coming tomorrow. This is a quad...very nice still don't get the alcohol though. I need a Rochefort 10!

3) Founders Nemesis (2009) - Wheat Wine aged in Maple barrels- 12.0% - Man this is real boozy. Got this in an in person trade for a CL Golden Delicious. I tastes a lot of rum and it's got a nice bitter aftertaste. A fellow BA described this a a mess of a beer, kind of like what the White Album was to music. I think that analogy works.

4) Southampton - Abbot 12 - 9.9 % - Their verison of a quad. I like it one of the better American Style Quads that I have had.

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