Sunday, April 25, 2010

Getting a Growler fill was not in the plans today!

So I got a growler fill!

1) Brooklyn Brewery - Blast - Their DIPA only available on tap (thanks for the fill Deciccos )I've had this before (first time at home) BB should bottle this and make it more available. Good beer should be shared!
This is what I consider a West Coast DIPA. Citrus flavors are great. I think it is 8% which you can't taste at all.

By the way this year's vacation is going to be nicknamed Beer Trek. May go to more breweries and beer stores than ballparks.

2) Ommegang - Belgian Pale Ale - 6.2 % - Very good beer, very light. I think of my trip to Cooperstown those many years ago when Adam & the Gator sent me to Ommegang to pick some beers up for them!

3) Ommegang Tripel Perfection - The day is done! Great beer!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ask & Ye Shall Receive

New England Brewing's Gandhi Boy

Promised Poll!

Who would best qualify as an Old Howling Bastard?
Tony Tomato
Larry - Red Wine
Kel - Dog
Alfred free polls

Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekend Beer Review!

This has been a good beer week! Went to the Tiger on Wednesday for the Smuttynose event and had a Really Old Brown Dog. They had bottle of the legendary Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout...(had one) by the way would like to meet and thank the genius who decided aging Stout in Bourbon Barrels was a smart idea. Finished Friday at d.b.a with a Founders Porter. Heading to New England Brewery tomorrow to hopefully pick up a couple of bottles of Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Trooper. Should be an ugly Monday....away then we go!

1) Bluepoint Brewing Company - Old Howling Bastard - 10.0% BarleyWine...Very good. Very tart, might be a bit better if aged but is still very good (I know insightful review). The words on the back of the bottle says this was named after a local character. Well this made me think of the good old Golden Star! Who would be a good Old Howling Bastard! Will do a poll if I can find one of my old post that had one. Would have to include myself, Adam MC and the Gator to start. Kel-Dog would be there, Tony Tomato, Larry (Red Wine) & Freddy Zach. Hey that's not a bad list!

2) Rodenbach Grand Cru - 6% - First try of a Grand Cru - This is a Flemish Red Brown beer. The tart and sweet mix is pretty outrageous. This would be great on a hot summer day. Have another Grand Cru coming up. That has a lot to live up to now.

3) Sixpoint Craft Ales - Grand Crue - Belgian Stong Dark Ale - 12.4% - I guess not all Cru's are the same. This is totally different from the Rodenbach. I can't believe this is 12+%. This is more of a barleywine I think. I'm sure the alcohol will catch up shortly!

4) Red Hook - Tripel Belgian Style Ale - 10.2% - Very good and very smooth!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekend Beer Review continues...

Figured I'd sandwich the Nat's photos...

1) Kuhnhenn - White Devil - No this is not what Obama thinks about his maternal lineage! 8% very good Belgian White.... I love the spices. Picked up a growler at Decicco's on the way back from DC. Funny thing this isn't listed on their website and BA has a completely different discription of this brew. Interesting!

Almost have enough in house to hit the elusive 400 beers review. Picked up a bunch of Barleywines at Stateline Liquors. One monster weighs in at 20% ABV!

2) Stone Brewing - Arrogant Bastard Ale 7.2% - Have had this several times but just forgot to review it (or passed out). Excellent American Strong Ale. I think it is stronger than 7.2%!

3) Clipper City - Heavy Seas - DIPA - 10.5% - Not that hoppy but really packs a punch. Like this one! Do not sit down and drink this!

Snarky Nat's Pix

I am surprised that the Emperor hasn't changed the logo to "O"!

Even more Nat's Pictures

More Nat's pictures

Just barely got the Capitol Shot in there. I was wearing my Pliny the Elder shirt last night and the guy who took the picture told me he thought it was great!

And then there were 6....

remaining ballparks to visit. Two more to be had this summer. Anyway enjoy these DC pictures. I like the Teddy picture the best.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Baseball Game of the Year Beer Review!

Heading to DC tomorrow for the Nat's vs. the Brewers. More importantly hope to find/have some interesting beer! That said...

1) Stone Brewing - Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale - 8.7% - An American Strong Ale.... I take it as a black IPA. Great taste on this with the hops and the strong malt backbone. Excellent beer.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Weekend Beer Review!

Tried starting this last night but it didn't work! Did not plan on buying too much in the way of beer but that changed fast. Next weekend heading to D.C to see the Nat's. On the way back stopping here.
Want to pick up a beer by a Maryland brewer called DuClaw. The beer is called Collossus and is 20%. Tactical error in the making! By the way anyone hear from MC or has he been captured by a bevy of beautiful, buxom, blondes again!

1) New England Brewing - Ghandi Bot 8.8% DIPA - Picked up a growler of this just released treat this morning. Good solid DIPA, nice color, fruity and tart. I don't know where the alcohol is in this so it could get scary. Hopefully will be able to get some Imperial Stout Trooper in the upcoming weeks!

2) Mikkeller - Simcoe Single Hop 6.9% - Man this is a bitter hop. Not really all that great. Like their other single hop offerings better.

3)Pretty Things - Saint Botolph's Town - 5.9% I really like this, great brown ale. Very tasty given the ABV. too bad it's from Massachusetts! Only kidding I'm non discriminatory when it comes to good beer!

4) Allagash - Hugh Malone Ale - yuck! Drain pour!

5) Weyerbacher Blasphemy - 11.8% - I thought I had had this but I checked my spreadsheets and it was not on there. This is like a fine cognac. It is from my friend Wendy who's birthday is my favorite day (4/15). Wendy going to pick something up special in Maryland for you!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Weekend Beer Review!

Finally home after a day layover in NYC. Don't mind staying over and working late as I get to hit some great bars afterwords (i.e. Tiger). Anyway have some interesting treats to unfurl!

1) Firestone Walker - Union Jack IPA - Their maiden voyage into NYC (not that I had heard of them. Not that me not hearing of them means anything!) 7.5% the taste is (nicely) strong. Nice citrus hops with a nice pineapple flavor! This is betwixt (I am going to start using that more often) a regular IPA and a DIPA. Great beer.

2) Founders Brewing - Dirty Bastard 8.3% - Founders coming to NY is going to help me get to 400 a little quicker. Picked up a growler at the great Decicco's. This is a scotch ale (which is not a favorite style of mine), but I find that I like this as the malt is not totally overpowering. This is not as dark as some of the other scotch ales I've had and it does have a bit of piney hops. Alcohol definitely present here. Great thing is I picked up six bottles of Goose Island Night Stalker!

3) Lagunitas - Wilco Tango Foxtrot - 7.8% American Strong Ale. The label says this is a Malty Robust Jobless Recovery Ale. Well you can thank B. Hussein Obama for that as he is America's first Post Industrial Age President. That said, this is a very good beer. A lot hoppier than I would have thought given the title, but the finish is pure malty caramel sweetness. Well done!

4) Mikkeller - Cascade Single Hop IPA - I like these different hop beers (I'm getting insufferable I know) - This hop is very subtle. Like it!

5) Otter Creek - Quercus Vitus Humulus - 12% Ameican Strong Ale - Very Big Beer! This is a one a night offering!