Monday, December 28, 2009

The countdown begins......

Or it's my liver & I'll cry if I want to!

The countdown begins to my 250th beer reviewed! This is 248!

1) The Bruery - Two Turtle Doves - 12.0 ABV - Belgian Style Dark Ale - This is very good. Was really expecting the tartness to hit, but the caramel & chocolate really took care of that. This is readily available at Deciccos and I believe I will be having this on tap at Stanton Public House (within a day or two)

Might add 249 tomorrow...will edit as the case may be....(hell I'm going to the Tiger tomorrow!)

I screwed up that was actually 249. Then I forgot to look at my spreadsheet to factor in imports. Hey can I get get a job in the government! Anyway....

2) Smuttynose Big A IPA 9.2% - The Gator mentioned this the other day, so I figured I'd give it a go. Paid about $6 for this bomber which to me is very low given the ABV. Hops are not the citrus flavor but I really like this (especially at this price). The Smuttynose people are great as I met them during a beer tasting. Need to find more of their bib beer series.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Beer Review!

Or I break into the cellar!

First one (nothing vertical here!)- Goose Island Bourbon County Stout. Bottled 10/21/08. Enjoyed in a brandy snifter. This is actually outrageously good. This has been in the cellar for a year (or so). The remaining ones may be there for a while.

By the way where is Adam!

1) Jolly Pumpkin - Noel de Calabaza Special Ale 9.0% ABV - Aged in Oak barrels. Belgian strong ale, very tart maybe a bit much for me. Might buy one to age a bit. Still glad to have tried as this is one one more on my step to 250 beers reviewed, and depending on what is at Deccico's tomorrow this milestone may occur before the end of 09!

Rain rain go away! Oh Well going to enjoy a Growler of Monk's Blood from Decicco's

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas in Little Italy

Weekend Beer Review!

Hopefully the storm of the century like Obama's Presidency remains a dud....

1) Laughing Dog Brewing - The Dog Father - Imperial Stout - The viscosity of engine oil on a cold winter night! More Coffee than Chocolate. Very good.

2) Goose Island - 2009 Christmas Ale - 5.7% American Brown Ale - Not my most favorite style but I liked this. A lot hoppier than I expected.

3) Sierra Nevada Brewing & Dog Fish Head - Life & Limb - American Strong Ale - 10.2% - First one of the day! Definitely get the Maple & Birch taste. While the Alcohol content is big it in not overly pronounced. Missed this at the Tiger when it was on Tap a few weeks back.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend Beer Review!

I think I am going to post about nothing but beer from now on (at least until something really pisses me off).

Don't have anything new to start off with (yet). Went to Captain Lawrence Brewing. Place was a nut house as they have just released this year's Nor'Easter Winter Warmer. I had already procured this delicacy at the Whole Foods in the City. That will be reviewed later as I have a strict several hours age limit for a growler to sit in the fridge. Do have some gems coming up though....check back....

1) 21'st Amendment - Monk's Blood - 8.3% - Belgian Strong Dark Ale in a can!Very good and very true to the real thing. They are coming up with a series called Insurrection which I am excited to try. I got this at the always great Decicco's and found out about this utilizing Beer Menu's

2) Captain Lawrence Brewing - Nor'Easter (winter warmer) - 11% - Another Belgian strong ale, much different than Monk's Blood. More sour while the Monk was sweet. Still very good. Would like to have this on tap.

3) Nectar Ales - Black Xantus 11.00 - Great Stout! Very nice Coffee/Vanilla flavor.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Weekend Beer Review!

Man this blog is getting repetitive.....

1) Laughing Dog Brewing - Alpha Dog - Imperial IPA - 8.7% - Going to see if I can get a little walk in after this but who knows. New brewery for me based Idaho. Very good beer hops have an overly pronounced citrus taste which is fine by me!

2) Left Hand Brewing - St. Vrain Tripel - 9% - Little to no carbonation which I think made this way to drinkable based on the ABV. I think I prefer the real thing though (that's it I am an official beer snob now)

3) Ommegang - Adoration - 10% - Belgian stong ale (and then some). Really enjoying this first beer of the day. (Hey it's afternoon). Love the spice, the banana taste. Question though is this an annual release or is it new? Would like Adam to chime in.