Saturday, December 4, 2010

Weekend Beer Review continues

Had to put down one of my mother's cat's today, Ethel this beer is for you. On a happier note we will be coming in to a countdown to 600. Probaly right before Christmas will the momentous even occur. Have some real specialties for this!

1)The Duck Rabbit - Barleywine Ale - 11% - From North Carolina - One hell of a beer. Get the pear and molasses taste. Alcohol is well hidden but you certainly can't chug these. Part of the Philly (Capone's) haul that has turned out to be outstanding! This brewery has a great logo. I will be ordering a t-shirt and pint glass shortly.

2) Full Sail - Session Lager 5.1% - Crisp Clear & refreshing. This is the type of beer that you would want to give to a non-craft drinker. This is a go to beer, easily.

3) Bells Brewing - Expedition Stout - 10.5% - The Boys at BA say not worthy. Everyone else likes it. A beer Feud? I will say this.....potent!

4) Dogfish Head - My Antonia - Imperoal Pilsner - 7.5% - Nice lemon grass taste. Highly carbonated, nice hoppy finish. Nice drinkability despite the ABV.

5) Weyerbacher - November -7.7% - Coffe Infused brown ale. Brewery only release that I was able to get fro Capones. Mice beer, a little thin to support the coffee/chocolate flavor.

6) Full Sail - Black Session Lager - 5.4% - Just a little more malty than its cousin above. Again, a go to beer.

7) Iron Hill - Tripel - Good night!

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To Ethel!

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