Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

Picked up some nice gems at Decicco's this weekend. That place is a must stop. Also attended my first brewery only release this weekend, more on that later.

1) Brooklyn Brewery - Cookie Jar Porter - 9.2% - Supposed to remind you of an oatmeal cookie....just reminds me of very good beer. Can really taste the raisins in this. Just recently release and about as fresh as it comes. Well worth the 1 hr ride (Growler).

2) Captain Lawrence Brewing - Golden Delicious - No ABV - This is a collaborative review with guest reviewers Gator & MC - Done in semi real time! MC will be posting some photos later. Here we go....this is an American Tripel aged in Apple Brandy barrels. A bit much maybe more like a wine. May have to age for a while....Now to the Gator

From the Gator - the base of this beer is liquid gold(cpt's best beer) which has been completely overwhelmed by the apple brandy barrels . Way too apple-sweet .

MC says - It is smooth though I should mention that the flavor is distinctively different from the top to the bottom. Is this bottle conditioned? It must not be as they mention the brewing process thoroughly on the lable. It tasted quite different at the bottom of the bottle with much more cloudiness and richness. I was not a huge fan of the sweet added flavor and texture of the apple, which carried complex hints of fruity sweetness which reminded me of?...well, let me cut this short and merely state that it is a little sweet and complicated to have more than one. Tasty and done with clean professional precision, but not for more than one.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Heaven & Hell

DFH World Wide Stout & 120 Minute IPA. Thought I got the separation good. This thing will kill you.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekend Beer Review!

Going to be a little different this week. Mostly narrative less of my insightfull I like this or I don't like that nonsense.

First will start with my walk back. Hit Puffy's for a Kelso, nothing new there. Decided to skip the Spring Street Lounge which while good can be a bit of a hassle crowd wise. Instead headed directly to Spitzer's on the lower east side (a neighborhood I love). Spitzer's doesn't have great rotating lines (although the beer are 99% craft/reasonably good imports) but they always seem to have St. Bernardus 12 on draft. I've never had that (on draft) and that's why I wanted to hit Spitzer's. This is one of the few bars that regardless of how old you look, they card you. I personally could care less. I don't mind getting carded and hey it's their bar. The nice thing is that they have some nice looking 20 year olds behind the bar. Anyway I get there ( and had to wait a few minutes during a shift change) to get my beer. I started talking to the guy next to me who was from Dusseldorf until I finally got served. I had already had my ID out and the young lady behind the bar says "thank you you are such a sweat heart". The guy from Dusseldorf looks at me like I'm crazy. I say what the hell I don't feel like I'm 21 anyway. We had a laugh and had some good beer.

Check back as I think I will have some fun things tomorrow.

7:18 AM the following events occur in real time (sort of). Heading to Storrs today for Men's basketball vs. Texas. Always good to get back to the old stomping grounds.
Going to head to Willimantic Brewery for a growler file. Hopefully I can get some of the Whammer!

Had the Whammer...outstanding!

1) Willimantic Brewing Co - IPA 2010 - 7.3% - Very dark and lightly carbonated. Very tasty. Wish I could have bought a Whammer in a Growler!

2) Rogue - Imperial IPA - 9.5% - Nice orange color, different from the beer above. Piney hops and sweet. I think the alcohol is covered nicely. I love the ceramic swing stop bottles that look like they hold something unfit for human consumption!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paul McCartney

This is a great concert video "Highway" is taken from the Good Evening NY DVD/CD. His version of "Something" is actually better than the original.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Marcia Brown Beer Review!

Or is that Marcia Oakley or Martha Brown.....that said a Tuesday night special beer review!

1) Rogue - Old Crustacaen 2008 version - 11.5% - Absolutely outstanding. 2 yrs old and it still has a great bite to it. This might need to sit for a year or two (or 5 longer). The hop presence in this is what really drives it. Was going to let this sit in the fridge for a while. Don't mess up Scott!

My Best wishes to Coach Calhoun

Trust me that University was nothing until he got there.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunrise on the Hudson

Or reflective as such

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

Thought I was going to run out of beers to review but as they say where there's a will there's a way!

1) Saranac - Imperial IPA 8.5% - Has a bitter taste (that I like) not the fruity west coast hops that I like but still very good. Got this in a 64oz growler from Deciccos. Oh well going to have to finish it tonight! Hey this brewery is named after MC!

2) Avery - duganA - IPA 8.5% - Usually their stuff is over the top, but this is really good. Classic double IPA.

3) Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel - Solstice d'hiver - 9.8% Barley Wine - Scary good. Really like this. Very smooth. Time to go to Quebec.

4) Hoppin Frog - Mean Manalishi - DIPA - 8.2% - The brothers on beer advocate killed this. I like it!

5)Unibroue - Trois pistoles - 9% ABV - Nice belgian strong ale. Have had better though.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Alfred is back!

#300 (and then some)...

Has been a real interesting beer week leading up to # 300. Bought & cellared 4 St. Bernardus Christmas Ales, cellared 2 Dogfish Olde School Barleywines & Burton Baton's. Going to pick up some Black Op's as well. Last night went to Williamsburg for dba's cask festival. Had a nice oak aged porter (forgot the brewer). Went over to Brooklyn Brewery, had a Blast & bought a Pint Glass. Finally had a Limb & Life at Mugs. Drove to Woodbridge and picked up a Growler of Sea Hag at New England Brewing....the brewer showed me the Oak Barrels where he is aging a special brewery availability offering of Imperial Stout Trooper.....that said:

# 300 Alesmith - Speedway Stout (brewed with Ryan Bros. Coffee Beans) 12% - Great dark head on this beer. Coffee flavor very pronounced a bit thinner than expected but still very good. Way to drinkable given the abv. Not a bad choice for 300 at all. Have a couple more to add to this post so check back.

Thanks to Adam for the comment as well as MC & Gator for their thoughts on beer. By the way the Sea Hag Growler....10 bucks 64 oz., which if I have my English standards measurement right is 4 pints. 2.50 for a pint of good beer.....Priceless!

Now on to 400!

1) Left Hand Brewing - Fade to Black - Foreign Export Stout 8.5% ABV - Getting a little confused by all these Stout styles, Imperial, Russian, Foreign Export...not sure of all the differences. That said very intense coffee flavor. Good one to start the day with!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Goose Island - Sofie - 6.5% - Farmhouse/Saison - Ruby Red - Very Carbonated and tart. More like a summer wine cooler if you ask me. Not a great fan of this style. Now I had Bourbon County Stout on tap last night. That is a beer! 300 coming next week.

Friday, January 1, 2010

My thoughts on Obama's approach to Terrorism

New Years Day Beer Review

Actually as it turns out including the one below this will be 297 beers reviewed! I have one set for 300. I have 298 chilling. I think I know what I am going to get for 299. I have to work tomorrow & a trip to Whole Foods on Bowery will be in order.

1) Rogue - Mogul Madness - No info on ABV I like the balance of the Malt & Hops. There are 15 ingredients in this beer and they work well.

2) Boulder Brewing (No. 298) - Obovoid - Oak Aged Oatmeal Stout - 8% The ABV level is deceptive as this is a thin beer (weird for the style)

New Years Eve Photos Part 2

New Years Eve Photos Part 1