Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weekend Beer Review

Starting early let's get right to it. Should be a good week for beer with NY Craft Beer Week starting on Friday. Also can't forget San Gennaro.

1) Kuhnhenn - Mayhem ABV ? - Ugly looking brown but tasty - A Belgian strong ale...not sure of the ABV. More like a hard cider. Have run in to a couple of opinions on this beer but worth a try.

2) Shipyard Brewing - Smashed Pumpkin 9.0% - Nice and spicey, clove really does dominate. Not sure where the booze is!

3) Ommegang - Cup O' Kyndnes - 6.6% - Berlgian Scotch Ale - What's this....A toned downed malted version of a Scotch Ale with spices? Works for me!

4) Summit - India Style Rye Ale - Very tasty might be the best beer of the day!

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