Monday, May 31, 2010

Special Memorial Day Beer Review!

Thanks and good bless to all who have served. This is for you.

1) Founders - Kentucky Breakfast Stout - 11.2% - Enjoying this in a brandy snifter. Jet black look, no head whatsoever, mild carbonation. The nose is definitely coffee.
The taste is strong coffee followed up by chocolate then vanilla.
The finish is a nice bourbon but I do have to say the alcohol is not overpowering.
Without a doubt one of the best beers I have had and it is well worth the hype.

Thanks to Dave of Bellport for this.

2) New England Brewing - Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Trooper - ABV? - During a visit to the brewery in January I witnessed the barrel that this gem was being aged in glad I've had a chance to try this.

Nice creamy head to this pour the vanilla flavor really comes through along with the roasted malts, mild chocolate, but hey what's this?....there is a nice bit of hoppiness for balance.

The bourbon taste is very slight, kind of curious as to what the ABV is.

Think I'll save the second bottle for Christmas!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day Beer review!

This post will last all weekend. I have a special review lined up for Monday. It will be tasted in honor of those who have sacrificed.

1) Long Trail - Brewmaster Series Double IPA 8.6% - This is a very good beer. It is kind of a DIPA light to me, (leaving the ABV out of the equation). I think I paid about $6 for this bomber...worth every penny!

2) Sebago Brewing - Lake Trout Stout - Man what a roasty, malty flavor. Can drink this all night.

3) New England Brewing - 668 the Neighbor of the Beast - 9% - Belgian Strong Ale Picked up a growler at the brewery today. First time I ever got a growler fill directly from the tank rather than a keg so I think this is probably fresh!
Very tasty beer...always enjoy the banana flavored funky yeast. I also like the spicyness.
Dangerously drinkable...could go through the growler easily in one sitting.
The guys at NEB are great....It's nice to get a growler filled close by.

The guys were telling me about their upcoming planned release, Tequila Barrel Aged Ghandi Bot. They are having trouble getting a suitable barrel. Someone had sent them one but it had been varnished!

4) Goose Island - Night Stalker 11.7% - Wow this is an absolutely massive beer. The hops balance v. the malt is nice but the alcohol is really overpowering. Have a couple of bottles that will sit and mellow for a while!

This is not a one beer a night undertaking. Hopefully GI releases this on a year to year basis, Will check back on the ones I recently bought at Christmas!

5) Founders Brewing Red's Rye PA - 6.6% ABV - Latest haul from Table & Vine Very nice beer amber color very tart grapefruit taste. This is very unique!

6) Left Hand Brewing - 400 Pound Monkey - Englis IPA - 6.7%. Not a huge fan of this one. Too bitter for me.

7) River Horse - Summer Blonde - 4.5% - This to me is almost like a lightly alcoholic lemonade. Not too happy with the last 2 beers sampled. This is hard for me to write as I really do like River Horse beers.

Ear Inn Part 2

With one Greenwich Village Shot thrown in.

Fleet Week

Taken from the Office.....Impressive ship. This is always an enjoyable time to work in the city. A lot of these sailors will drink for free this weekend and it is rightfully earned.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekend Beer Review!

On to it...Obama's mouse may be running around.

1) Old School House Brewery - Hooligan Stout - Nice Bitter Chocolate taste. this may be the first of the Stout Trek that I have been threatening. Then again maybe not.

2) Speakeasy Scarface Imperial Stout - 10.5% - Very chocolatey, a portion of the brew went through Bourbon Barrels (nice taste). Jet black and sweet. 32 oz growler from DeCicco's. Gonna compound the stupidity by taking a walk over to Greekfest and have an ouzo. Might even be dumber and ask for financial advice!

3) 21st Amendment - Golden Doom - 8.2% - Nice Belgian Pale Ale, typical banana yeast taste, and even a bit of peach. Very drinkable, not sure where the alcohol is hiding!

4) Ithaca Beer Co - Flower Power - American IPA 7.5% - Outstanding citrus taste. Time to send Adam on a mission!

5)The Lost Abbey - Serpents Stout - 11.0% - Strong and robust very great beer. I have a long way to go to finish this bottle. Oh well!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

On to the stouts!

On to the 500 expressway!

1) Thirsty Dog - Siberian Night - 9.7% Loads of caramel & chocolate flavor. Great stout. Again Guiness should be ashamed.


No not a batting average!

1) Wet Willie - Scotch Ale - 10.0% - New England Brewing - Not a huge fan of this style but I really this this one. Not overly heavy (although the ABV will get you). Tasty and glad I got a chance to try it. On to the stouts!

It's gone

Can't quite believe it. When I walked up Macombs Place and saw only the one stadium and the Bronx County Courthouse unobstructed I thought it was weird. The photo of the rubble from the stairs to the 4 train hurt a bit.


The Lost Abbey - Angels Share - 11.5% - This is their ale aged in brandy barrels (they also have a version aged in bourbon barrels). There is zero carbonation to this beer. I am drinking this from a brandy snifter which is appropriate as this is more of a brandy than a beer. This is not a chugging beer by any strecth but a very nice sipper. I like the molasses taste which is very strong and if you swirl it around a bit in you mouth you really get the brandy taste. Got this from Table and Vine ( a trip is due up there shortly). Glad I grabbed this.

Shortly (maybe even today) there is going to be a marked shift towards stouts. 401 is going to be a separate review though as it is from a local brewer!


Getting close...

Stone - Oaked Arrogant Bastard - 7.2% - I love the caramel taste and the subdued hops which I guess are cut back due to the oak chip aging process. Very tasty. The alcohol is very muted. Might have started way too early.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Another DuClaw offering - Colossus - 21% ABV - Wow - This is not as drinkable as I've heard. Very sweet, and over the top. Reading the reviews on BA and I guess people have shared this and not completed a bomber. Wussies! Probably the last beer of the night!


Uh oh I think a countdown is a coming!

Number 397 is DuClaw - Devils Milk - Barleywine Style Ale - 10.6% This is definitely part of the State Line Haul. Big time Barleywine...very sweet. I like the hoppiness with this.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Midweek Beer review

'Ceptin its only Tuesday. Oh well...

1) Anderson Valley - 20th Anniversary Imperial IPA - 8.7% - Not sure where I picked this up but this is a mild IPA, not very hoppy at all. Pretty mellow. I know I have had this brewers beers before when I was in California (or America's Greece). This is number 393 to the march to 400. Might get there this weekend...might not.

2) Moylans - Old Blarney Barleywine Style Ale - Is having a Ketel One chaser a tactical error. No as I am behind a computer! Great beer got this at State Line I think. Very tasty...4:33 looks ugly!

3) Rogue Brewing - Double Mocha Porter - 8.2% - Rogue can be a hit or miss at times...this is a hit. Only complaint just a bit too carbonated. This would be perfect on cask.

4) Laughing Dog Brewing - Devil Dog - Imperial IPA - Nice big beer 10.0% ouch. Has a bit of a vodka taste to it almost. Big old hops! This is beer 396! Getting real close to 400. I'm an Accountant, I can tell! By the way I can predict confidently more ugliness with 397.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Weekend beer review!

There is nothing good that can happen by attending NY Brewfest 2010. That's why I'm going.

Went to DeCicco's for a growler and came away with 2. I think I am going to adopt this growler strategery going to buy several of the 32 oz. varieties so I can pick up a couple at once. Two 64's may be a bit much!

1) Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary - Fritz & Ken's Ale - American Imperial Stout - 9.2%. Spoke to the Gator who wasn't that thrilled with it. I actually do like it (and I won't use the Saul Alinsky/Obama like nastiness against the Gator!). It is a bit bitter but I think that I got this from a growler fill and the beer had warmed up a bit might have helped tone it down. Anyway a couple of bottles will be going into the cellar as Gator was right when he said it should age for a bit.

2) Bear Republic - Five Zero - 7.7% Light citrus taste... a bit watery..but almost 8%?

3) Defiant Brewing - Belgian Style Triple Ale 9.0% - Very good beer. Very fruity taste. Crip & clear. Could drink a few of these which might not be bright given the ABV. This isn't that far away in NY. A roadtrip may seriously be in order. This is the first in my haul from Bellport!

4) The Lost Abbey - 10 Commandments - 10.0% Belgian Strong Ale - Brewed with raisins, honey & rosemary. Really get the rosemary taste to offset the raisin and honey taste. Very good beer - got this at Table and Vine. Too little time and too many beer road trips to go on.

5) Port Brewing - Hop 15 Ale - 10.0% Great DIPA the sweetness and bitterness combined is great. Probably the closest thing to Pliney you can get on the East Coast. Another Table & Vine got!

6) Port Brewing - Old Viscosity - 10.0% - American Strong ale - Wow. This is like drinking a beer martini, but the funny thing is I get these soft milk stout tones. But it works! Getting close to the 400th beer. Should be done by next week.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day Beer Review!

First off raise a toast to the late great Billy Morissey, you'll be missed.

Went on a bit of a beer excursion to Bellport Cold Beer & Soda out on the Island. The owner Dave is a great guy who helped me out finding a rarity (which will be reviewed later on this month as part of a liver busting beer review!). I did spend a couple of dollars at his store. He threw in nice t-shirt and a 2006 Celebration Ale (that should be interesting). His blog is well worth a bookmark. He is a beer geek and enjoys spending time with his customers.

Update: check his blog I've been elected "Beero" of the week!

1) Greenport Harbor Brewing Company - Disorient IPA - Good solid American IPA. What this is is Long Islands Sea Hag. Glad to try something local and not readily available. This was via a growler. I love Growlers!

2) Nebraska Brewing Co - 10.0% - Wow = Their traditional Belgian IPA aged in Chardonnay barrels - Tasty but hard to finish given the ABV. You can only have one!

3) Braurei Schoenram Schoenram Gold - 6.0 % A nice light lager that I picked up during one of my many trips to Whole Foods Bowery. They were doing a tasting and I said hey why not pick up a bottle.

4) G. Schneider & Sohn - Aventinus - 8.2% - Dopplebock - This is an outstanding beer the fruit and spice tastes works very well. I'm going to have to see when this is on tap at Zum's. I think there was an earlier beer post of mine that mentioned that the German's brewed strong beer during lent to help them through the season. Rascally krauts, always trying to get you to join the party (probably only Adam will get the TV show reference)

5) Arcadia Ales - Hop Rocket - 9.0% Wow this says it is 9.0% on BA did not seems it as I was drinking a couple on Metro North. This might be one of the better double IPA's you can get in the North East. Having a couple of these would be easy but not wise.

6) Mikkeller Warrior Single Hop - 6.90% I like this better than the Simcoe. I think I've cleared all the Single Hop varities now!

7) Pretty Things - Fluffy White Rabbits - 8.50% - Where's Grace Slick? I'll tell you I like beers that go for the knockout blow fast. This is subtle. I really like the Peach flavor!