Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Today was a good day, hit a couple of Breweries, Captain Lawrence for a taste of this years's Nor'Easter and Southport Brewing Company here I (surprisingly) had a nice tasty offering called Connecticut Pale Ale. Off to the races!

1) Sam Adams - Latitude 48 IPA -6.0% - Gonna Stick with the Boston kick for a bit (but I do have some serious heavy hitters to sprinkle in. I had never heard of this but saw it at my stop and shop. Nice lite IPA, pleasant flavor again and I have said this before the type of beer to initiate someone into the craft scene.

2) Sam Adams - Scotch Ale - Not a fan of the style but this is very good. You really get the smokiness and it is not that much of a malt bomb that you can't drink it. Well done!

3) Firestone Walker - Double Jack - 9.5% - As someone who has had Pliny the Elder for breakfast.....this is as close as you are going to get. Absolute Citrus Hop Bomb! Except for a few, all DIPA's pale.

4) Mendocino Brewing - White Hawk - American IPA - 7.0% Kind of malty to me. Not sure what they are doing with this

5) North Coast - Old Stock Ale 2009 - Bourbon Barrel Aged - 13.0% - Not sure why I save these for Sunday evening. Should make the train ride into NYC pretty easy tomorrow. Obviously a sipper, really get the bourbon. This one will take a while!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Dah Gahden!

More Boston Bars...and a little History

Hadn't been to the Black Rose in years. Nice to go back....had a Guiness and a Jameson's. Quincy Market is easy to pick out and if I remember correctly the other is the Old South Statehouse

Boston Bars!

Jacob Wirth was a nice little bar close to the hotel. Had a great cup of clam chowder and a nice IPA from a brewer in Worcester. If you like German Food and beers that is prevalent there as well. The Hard Rock is one of my guilty pleasures.

FJ Doyle's is as probably as old time Boston Irish as you can get. Hopped a trolley from the Sam Adams brewery (this is supposedly the first bar to serve Sam) for a buck, showed my ticket from the brewery tour and got a free turbolator pint glass. Had a couple of Pints (Sam Adams of course) and lunch for a bout $22. This is a must visit.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sam Adams

Beer's in Cambridge!

The last picture is a delightful concoction from the Cambridge Brewing Company called Blunderbuss Barleywine clocking in at 13.5% 2008 Vintage.

Boston Trip Begins!

Start out on Amtrak, end up at South Station and then take the Red Line to Cambridge.....Love that Dirty Water!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Back from Boston Beer review!

Had a nice time in Boston over the last couple of days. Boston would be great if you could exclude the Red Sox, Red Sox fans and general Mass-holes of all persuasion! That said...

1)Wachusett - Milk Stout - 5.8% - This soooo sweet and tasty. Table and Vine needs to be in a regular rotation!

2) Trappistes - Rochefort 6 - 7.5% Belgian Dark Ale - Certainly not as rich as it's older cousins but still great none the less. Kind of a session beer almost.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Picked up some interesting beers today, so right to it.

1) Stillwater Artisinal - A Saison Darkly - 8% - Dark Saison funky as expected but the mixture of the malts and chocolate taste really makes this interesting to drink. Apparently this guy goes to different breweries to brew his beers. This was brewed in Belgium. You can get this in CT and I would advise checking it out.

2) Ithaca Brewing - 13 - 9.0% ABV - Wheatwine(?) - If the brewer says it's a wheat wine who am I to argue. IMHO I think it is one of the better American IPA's that I have had. Then again making ice can be a chore for me! Very good!

3) Greenport Harbor - Triton - Barleywine - 9.0% - nice with the malt and hops. I think this will send me to Sunday!

And continuing on Sunday!

4) Sierra Nevada Hoptimum - 10.4% - Not sure what the hell whole cone hops means but if you like hops this is the beer for you. I like hops!

5) Pretty Things - Our finest Regards - 13.5% Barleywine - Ouch 2 bottles bought. One in the cellar to calm down for a year or so!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Latest Storm Of the century Beer review!

Here's to shovelling global warming off my car tomorrow!

1) Magic Hat - Howl - Not a huge fan of the hat but really like this. One of the types of beers that you would introduce non craft friends to. Well done.

2) Roscoe's Hop House - 5.3% Pale Ale - Wow only at Whole Foods in NYC. Have to bring back copius six packs of this stuff. Great session beer!

3) Two Brothers - Bare Tree 2010 - 11.3% - Barley Wine Style Weiss Beer - Interesting really have the Weiss taste. Great amber color, a little alcoholic bitterness and some banana yeast. This is very good.

4) Goose Island - Lolita - 7.0% American Wild Ale - Tart rasberry taste. More like a wine. Says on the bottle it will develop over 5 years. The bottling date on my Bottle said it was bottled on 12/4/10. Mine developed for about 5 weeks!

5) Long Trail Centennial Red - 7.9% - Wow this is interesting, part barleywine, part DIPA. This could be a habit!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kinda Tired After Working Crazy Hours Beer Review

Rough year end Accounting wise...time to punish my liver

1) Oskar Blues - Gordon - Double IPA - Really Double? Tasty but not sure it is a double.

2) Ballast Point - Victory at Sea - 10.0% - Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter. Wow really get the roasted malty, chocolate, vanilla flavor here. (Say that 10 times fast!). This may take me an hour to drink! Ballast Point is available in CT. Not sure if this is but more Ballast Point should be!

3) Green Flash - Hop Head Red - 6.0 - Nice...Done it's been a long and tiring week!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Beer Review

OK a day late....didn't think I would have much to review due to the holidays falling on a Saturday, but I went to Decicco's today and remedied that situation. Actually bought the beer that will be reviewed for # 700. Only 93 more to go (sigh!)

1) Ballast Point - Dorado DIPA 9.6% - Nice way to start the football Sunday. I think Centennial hops are my favorite. Great beer and I think my equilibrium is back.

2) Hill Farmstead - Anna - Not sure of the ABV. Very nice farmhouse ale!