Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday Beer Review!

Had to stay home for a number of appointments. Took advantage of a nice camera deal (Thanks MC for the recommendation).

1) Flying Fish - Hop Fish IPA - 6.3% - Very tasty English Style IPA - This could be a serious go to type beer! Too bad we can't get it in Connecticut.

2) Uinta - Labbyrinth - Black Ale - 13.2% - Third of the crooked line series that I've reviewed. Obviously a big beer and then some. Aged in oak barrels and brewed with licorice! Jet black, have a little spiciness from the licorice, chocolate & vanilla abound. I really like the Crooked Line Series!

3) Defiant Christmas Ale - 7.5% - Nice Belgian Strong Ale. See you next weekend!


mc said...

Happy to help should be a fine item.

Jimmy said...

If in refernce to the Zapata Bot will happily save a bottle to quaff for the holdays

Jimmy said...

Sorry would be helpfull if I read my own blog in reference to your comment. Will still stash a Zapata Bot!

mc said...

always have a bottle if I am around!!


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