Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kind of mid week beer review!

Had a couple of beers with a (semi) reasonable octane level so I figured what the hey. Also after reading about the budget chicanery going on as reported by the AP....Didn't heroes of the people like Obama and Biden decry this at one point? "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!"

1)Maine Beer Company - Peeper Ale - 5.5% - This ain't even a micro brewery, it's a nano-brewery! Nice beasutiful orange unique hoppy taste. Got this from Table and Vine. Glad I tried it. Hopefully can find this in the summer!

2) Clown Shoes - Tramp Stamp 7.0% - Very Tasty Belgian IPA. Not that boozy but could sip this for a while. Well done!

3) Clown Shoes - Brown Angel - 7.0% - Brown Ale - Not my style really but a bit better than most. Nice hoppiness and is still reasonably fresh (bottled 2/11). I like Clown Shoes, wish they would brew some more stuff! Also would wish they would produce a pint glass with their logo!

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