Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My first world class rating. Goose Island Brand Vanilla Stout (13%). Copying the BA review I did!

Got this bottle from a beer event from New Beer Distributors on Chyrystie Street. Had this on tap at the Tiger. Nice to have one from the bottle so I can think about this one.

A) Jet black very little head.

S) Now to the fun part, vanilla all the way, just a hint of bourbon (given their other stouts).

T) Again, Vanilla, a bit of Bourbon and a little bit of chocolate. Hold on is there some coconut there?

M) This is where this beer wins it for me. The bottle date is 11/5/10. I've had the 2008 and 2009 regular barrel aged beers (and the Rare). While those are great beers this is so smooth.

I like the strong bourbon beers but this is so balanced it is such a treat. Well done!

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