Thursday, April 7, 2011


Goose Island - Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout - 13%! Again lifted from the BA review. Whew, I'm tired! By the way did the Red Sox win today?

Got lucky and picked up a bottle of this in NYC at a beer distributorship on the Lower East Side when they had a GI event. Bottled 3/26/10...this should be fun!

A) As with all of the barrel aged stout offerings from GI, jet black, little carbonation and medium lacing.

S) Coffee and Vanilla, surprisingly light on the bourbon though.

T) Coffee and Vanilla with a bit of a chocolate finish. Again, what surprises me is how muted the bourbon is as my 2008 regular versions are a bourbon bomb!

M) Smooth, what really drives this rating is the absolute lack of alcohol bite, yet (after some time) you still know that it is there.

O) Without a doubt one of the better beers I've had. I think the one year on this worked very well. But still I wonder what this was like fresh!


Adam said...

Congrats on the milestone!!!

Jimmy said...

All done without the aid of performance enhancing drugs. I am going to cheat a bit on to 800 (God willing) more mix a sixes will be purchase and Sam Adams has a six out of their homebrew winner contest. Going to count all of those as individual beers!