Friday, April 8, 2011

Government Shut down beer Review

Because about 30 billion in cuts of a how many trillion dollar budget is Draconian! Draconian I tell you! Actually I think the empty suit went on vacation again. Good.

1) Brooklyn Brewery - Main Engine Start - Belgian Pale Ale 6.2% - Tasty but really don't get that yeast taste. The hops and malts over power it a bit. Still am enjoying it though.

2) Brasserie Duyck - Printemps - 5.4% - Frogs stick to wine

3) Bear Republic - Apex - Imperial IPA - 7.5% - A bit syrupy and sweet but the hops are true and true. Wish there was a bit more citrus flavor though. Very nice!

4) Defiant - Three Fingers IPA - Apparently their Single Finger IPA clocked it at 7%. Might have a Charlie Sheen moment later on! Filled from the tank at the brewery. Pretty tasty!

5) Sierra Nevada - Ovila - Dubbel 7.5% - Brewed in collaboration with the Abbey of New Clairvaux. Nice beer but the taste is a bit thin. Don't really get the yeast taste. They are supposed to be releasing a quad in the fall. Looking forward to that.

6) The Peoples Pint - Pied pIPA - 5.7% - Pretty solid beer. The website is fun to visit to. All that left wing Masshole bs nonsense not withstanding.

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