Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Went on a little road trek to the Philly suburbs to go to the great Capone's. As a result of this trip. There is a big shakeup in the bracket (courtesy of March) as to what will be the 700th beer tasted and reviewed. I give the timing on this several weekends but most likely around the second week of April. Kind of fitting ain't it.

1) Port Brewing - Mongo IPA - 8.5% Growler from Capone's. Every beer geek should be privileged to go see Matt. Great beer that I picked up via growler! Where can you get this in CT (answer my crib!).

2) Bells Brewery - Hopslam - DIPA - 10% - Most likely not as fresh as I would have liked but still outstanding. You still get the floral and citrus taste but this is brewed with honey, so the backbone is very interesting with the malty sweetness. Again, thanks Capone's!

3) Flying Fish - Hoppy Scarlet Ale - Exit 9 - Hoppy Scarlet Ale - In honor of Rutgers exit 9 New Bruswick (No Don Imus Comments). Very fresh and hoppy! The Gator likes this hidden 9% not syrupy or pungent. This works.

4)White Birch - Belgina IPA 9.1% Tasty except I thought it was Scotch Ale! Not kiiding on this, the bottle date was February this year! oh Well!

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