Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

I now have enough beer on hand to make it to 700. This is going to be a daunting task.

1) Kelso of Brooklyn - Kelso IPA - 6% Kelso beers have been my first beer of choice on my Friday after work NYC pub crawls. Thanks to DeCicco's for the growler. This is a nice light American IPA. Eminently drinkable! Kelso is a husband and wife team that brew out of the Greenpoint Brewery in Brooklyn. Have met the husband Kelly a couple of times. Great guy!

2) Keegan Ales - Super Kitty 12% - Oh boy... Big Beer Saturday - I think this has aged for a while as it is so mellow. The booze can creep up though. They call it an American Strong ale, but I think it is more of a quad!

3) Boulder Beer Co - Killer Penguin - 10.0% The boys at beer advocate gave this a D- I think that is a bit harsh. Kind of tasty but a bit overpowering. And this was a 2007 vintage!

4) Voodoo Brewery - Big Black Voodoo Daddy - 12% - Big time stout! Jet black aged in tanks with oak staves (?). Very tasty! This will last for a while!

5) Dogfish Head - Namaste - 5.0% - Witbier - Very tasty, enhanced with coriander, orange and lemongrass. Great Summer beer, that said, it is March and what is up with Starving Marvin on the label?

6) Troegs - Scratch Belgian Brown - The esoteric stuff is coming fast and furious. This might be one of the better ones!

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