Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Already stocking up to the post 700 club....

1) Williamsburg Ale Works - Drake Tail IPA 7.5% - A little more sweet than I am used to. Tasty none the less!

2) Ommegang - Gnomegang - Belgian Strong Pale Ale - 9.5% - Nice new offering and a collaboration with D'Achouffe. First thought would be that this is more of a Sasion then a BSPA. Great funkiness to this. Have to try this on tap!

3) Laughing Dog - Sneaky Pete - 10% Imperial IPA - Tasty but too malty for me. Do get the hops but.........

4) Goose Island - Pepe Nero 6.0% - More farmhouse - Al little smokey and spicey, kind of different for this style! As I read the ingredients, it's the peppercorns!

5) Captain Lawrence - Espresso Stout - 6% - Surprised that I haven't tried this before. Very tasty a little thin though!


Have just put in the fridge one of the beers I am going to use for my countdown!

6) Stone Brewing - Higway 78 - Scotch Ale - 8.8% - Nice collaboration with Green Flash and Pizza Port. Scotch ale is not my favorite style, but this is tasty. Not a huge malt bomb, you can actually taste some hops. Nice little beer to begin the countdown!

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