Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let's start the Weekend Early Beer Review!

Trying to push the March to 700 along....

1) Old Dominion - Big Thaw Bock 7.5% - The idea was to get some session beers to fill in on the road to 700. At 7.5% this is a tactical error. Whilst on the last Capone's (Philly) trip, I stopped at the Whole Foods that is right on the way to the entrance to the PA turnpike. It was 10.99 for a mix a six out the door with a bunch being from breweries that I had not heard of before. This is a very good Maibock, very fresh...going to have to find some more from these folks

2) Williamsburg Ale Werks - Chesapeake Pale Ale - 5.3% - Nice pale ale I guess other than it is thick and cloudy!
That was 680. Should have enough for 700 in house by the end of the week. Not sure how I am going to approach or survive this!

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