Saturday, March 26, 2011

Best Beer Bar in Brooklyn

The L Magazine (which I actually really like) recently had a Brooklyn Bar Awards issue. I looked to see if there was a best beer bar selection (there was) and saw a place called the Diamond in Williamsburg. Having been to Williamsburg a few times I thought that might be a bit of a dubious selection. So I went there last night. The Diamond while nice is not even the best beer bar in Williamsburg. That honor belongs to Mugs. If you can't realize that, hand in your beer geek card!


Adam said...

I'm with you on Mugs. Too bad you missed the "Split Thy Skull" fest.

Jimmy said...

The bartender was wearing one of those shirts. Here is a test for you I had a bourbon there called Pappy Van Winkle. I need to find a bottle to buy! Mugs may (underscore may) be the best bar in the city. The Tiger though has it beat when it comes to beer. Mugs is more well rounded.