Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekend Beer Review!

Gotta post a picture of my new growler shortly.

1)Captain Lawrence - Winter Rye - 5.0% - Had this at the brewery and thought it was outstanding but this seems a little weak. Hopefully my new growler didn't malfunction. May have to do extensive testing!

2) Captain Lawrence - 5 Years Later - 10% - I think my experience from above was because these Kegs are a couple of weeks old. This is an Amercain Black Ale (steady Alfred) and is part of this new Black IPA rage. Still very tasty. Picked up a few bottles at the brewery and am going to pick up a few more as these will age very well.

3) Stone Brewing - Old Guardian - Belgo - 12% - Great a Belgian Style Barleywine at this ABV. Very tasty.

4) Clipper City Brewing - Black Cannon - Black IPA 7.25% - Wow Black IPa's are all the rage righ now. I do like the style!

5) Left Hand Brewing - Wake up Dead Barrel Aged Imperial Stout - 10.2% - High on the alochol low on the taste. Way too thin. Where is the body!

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