Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I wanted a beer tonight Beer Review!

1) Samuel Adams - Griffins Bow - Oaked Blonde Barley Wine Ale - 11.5% - Interesting beer....really get some pineapple up from that desolved into some butterscotch. Can also get some other hoppy notes. Should be interesting with some age on it!

2) Clownshoes Blaecorn Unidragon - 12.5% From beer advocate! (Russian Imperial Stout)

A) Jet black, nice cocoa head like the lacing.

S) To me the malts smell a little too burnt. Am hoping that what comes next is better.

T) Don't get the burnt taste that would belie the nose. I get some licorice and vanilla along with the hoppiness. Was not really expecting that, works well!

M) Smooth up front with just a very nice bitter aftertaste (love them hops)..Alcohol burn is there as well.

Really like this beer and glad that Clown Shoes is distributing to the Westchester, NY Region!

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