Monday, November 14, 2011

During the week beer review

1) Napa Smith Organic IPA 7.1% ABV - Interesting beer not a west coast IPA to be sure. Bitter zest of a hop bite and too much malt.

2) Three Heads Brewing - The Kind IPA - 6.8% - New Brewer (for me)...picked up in Springfield. A Rochester brewer....anyway....pretty decent American IPA, just maybe a tad bitter.

3) Longtrail - Imperial Porter - 8.3% - This is a nice balance of malt and hops. The hoppiness comes through which makes you think they were going for a black IPA kind of brew. That works

Multiple Growlers have just been filled....note the theme

4)Sixpoint - Bark - 5.0% - ESB - Not that bitter and am really enjoying the light floral hops....would be an outstanding summer beer.

5) Sixpoint - Spice of Life - Nelson Sauvin - 6.5% - Their Single Hop American IPA. They have a series of these and this is the first that I have had. IPA's rule and this is one of the better ones. I little stronger than the previous offereing. Look forward to trying more from this line.

6) Sixpoint - Little Buzz - 5.0% - Another light dry floral beer. No spice of note. Still beats a bud!

7) Sixpoint - Mad Scientist 5 - Shiso - 6.0% - Best of the lot. Belgian Pale Ale infused with some spice called Shiso (apparently this is a green tea spice). Like I can discern the tea. I could drink this regularly!

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